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Hollister Haul

Hi sweethearts!

Went Hollister'ing this weekend and I wanted to show you guys what I got!

I'm obsessed with the brand as you might already know. Ever since they started to include black more, I even loved Hollister more than ever.

The first item: A super cool lace top with wide sleeves. I love black lace! This trend is great for spring: the top is warmer than a regular top because of the long sleeves, but because of the lace you can breath more. Great for those lovely warm spring evenings (which means in Belgium: 20 degrees celcius).

This top has super wide sleeves. Very cool and a bit unusal, how I like my clothes!

Here's another laced top that I got. It has cute roses and some details on the sleeves. The top is cropped, yes!

The third top I got was a blue laced tank top. The front of the top had thicker lace so it's not see through. The fun part about this top is that the entire back is see through. It gives this top a more edgy twist, which I like over a regular, plain top.

And then my fave purchase! This stunning flowery bikini. I saw it on their Instagram and I just HAD to get it.

The bikini has a high waist, which is great for those burned tanning lines from small bikinis haha. I liked the criss-cross part about the top. It's very special and pretty.

Which of the items I got was your fave?

Thanks for reading this blog, have an awesome spring this year!

X Steph


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