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How to brighten up your hair without damage

Hi guys

Are you a fan of your summer hair as well? I love it when my natural, virgin blonde hair is way lighter in the summertime. In this post, I'll share with you all my secrets about how I make my hair lighter during summertime. These tips work best for non colored hair, but can work for treatened hair as well. When your hair is colored, just make sure to protect it more.

Side note: before reading all my tips: make sure to protect your hair afterwards, even way more than normally! Go for deep conditioning treatments, leave in conditioners and decent shampoos....


A first tip is to be out in the sun, a lot! You can wear sunscreen for hair on the ends of your hair (to protect them) but just don't use it at the roots of your hair. Yes, I'm sorry, we don't want to protect our haircolor here!

Another tip is to go swimming! The chlorine in pools used, will obviously make your hair lighter and brighter, since chlorine is a bleaching product.

The sea also works perfectly, the salt is a natural bleach, did you know that?

Ofcourse, after swimming, you want to rinse out the water because it might damage your hair a bit too much.

Then a natural way to bleach your hair: lemon juice! I've been doing this when I was a kid/teen because I liked my summerhair way better than my winter hair. I didn't want to color it so I used this simple trick. How to do this? Just spray/ sprinkle lemon juice over your hair, massage it in and go out in the sun. It might seem a bit dirty and it does stick a bit, but you can easily skip the stickyness by making a braid. The braid will also last longer because of the stickyness.

When in the sun for muliple days, try wearing different hairstyles, to make sure that each time, another section of hair is exposed to the sun. Try a middlepart first, then an updo with all your hair together etc. This is also a perfect tip for when you've burned your scalp! If you've burned your middle part, then go for all your hair tight together the next day!

If you're a fan of those face framing highlights, then go for sleek high ponytails. Your hair around your face will be on top of the other hair of your scalp, so it will get the most sun exposure!

Another tip is to use peroxid. You can get this product at a lot of grocery stores. It will make your hair lighter fast, but make sure to not over-use this since it will also damage your hair so much. I'd say to only use this once a week... with the amount of just a tablespoon for your entire head.

The next tratment is a chamomile treatment. A lot of blonde hair- shampoos have chamomile in them. CHamomile is a herb used to sleep better, but it's also great to highlight your hair. SInce this is a all natural product, it won't damage your hair. You can make a chamomile tea and let it cool off. Then you go out in the sun for the day, with the chamomile drying in your hair. You can shower at the end ofthe day and rinse the chamomile out.

And last but not least, rhubarb. After doing some research I discovered this tip that I've never heared of. All the previous tips, are tips that I've tried out myself and were suepr helpfull. This tip is new to me, I haven't tried it yet but I'd like to share it with you guys as well, since it's once again all natural and not too damaging! I always prefer natural products over harsh chemicals.

So how to do this treatment: You need about half of a rhubarb stem and 40 cl water; You boil them together and you strain the juice afterwards. Let this cool off and apply it on your hair. You only need it to set for 10 minutes. Then you wash it all out very well. Rhubarb will get sticky if left on your hair too long, just like olive oil or coconut oil.

As told before, these are ways to brighten up your hair, but brightening it up will make it a lot more porous and fragile, so make sure to save your locks afterwards!

X Steph


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