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How to feel empowered- Corona edition

Hi guys

Especially during this hard time, it’s not easy to feel strong and empowered. We don’t have much control over situations and this can make us feel empty.

With the following steps that I personally took and believe in, it’s possible to feel more empowered so follow my steps along!

1) Focus on what you can control.

First of all; focus on the things that you CAN control. This might seem super obvious but it’s very important. It’s a new mindset for you to take, to focus on what you have impact on.

“focus on what you can control, rather than stress about what you have no control over.”. Think about this that you can actually do. Think about real situations, rather than the "what ifs...".

Then shortly on how to really start focusing on what you can control: Well, start with determining what you have control over. You can think about what the things are that you have control over or you can write them down. Sometimes it can be better to write them down, so that you don’t forget them. In a stressful situation, you can take pick up this paper again to have evidence of what you’ve figured out before. This can help you feel more empowered. You feel more confident.

2) Let go what you can't control.

Also focusing on what you can control…means learning to let go the things you can not control. You can learn to do this, by just changing your mindset. I already told you guys in a previous post about the “non helping thoughts”. Non helping thoughts are thoughts that are not helping you to reach goals. If you’re thinking about this non helping stuff, then just make sure to stop thinking about it. Ask yourself: is this helping me? If the answer is no, then just stop thinking about it. Try to readjust your focus. Focus on what will help you. There are also so many ways to write these steps down. Maybe a bullet journal can help you?

3) Take control and take action.

Start taking control and have influence on what you’re doing. To have the most influence, focus on changing your behavior. It’s important to change the things that you need to change and to take control over your actions… Figure out what you don't like about yourself and start working on it. You can write down parts about your personally that you don't like. Thay maybe have not helped you to reach goals or that have hurt you (or someone else). Each time you do something "wrong" in your opinion, think about it as a new step to take towards getting better. You can tell yourself that you made a mistake and that you want to handle things differently. Making mistakes is fine. Mistakes do not define you as a person.

4) Get rid of the anxiety.

If you find things that are not helping you, maybe these ones are things you’re afraid of. These can be your fears! The things that we don't like to do or that we don't like about ourselves, are often the things that we're not facing. We don't wan't to face our fears so we're ignoring them. In order to help yourself ith this, you can use the next step but first of all: figure out which fears you have and where they're coming from.

5) Do all things empowering!

Take actually action and start doing things you always wanted to do. For example: if you wanted to always learn a new language, just go for it! Getting your hands on stuff, will make you feel powerful. It'll make you feel less overwhelmed and more in control.

Just go for it! You'll learn about your new passion along the way. To me, I always wanted to start my own business. After years of hesitating, I just went for it! I already made so many mistakes about my new job, but I learned from them. Now I won't make these mistakes again.

6) Practice gratitude.

And last but not least, another step that’s really dear to my heart: gratitude. Once you’re grateful with everything you already have, it’ll be a lot easier to become more empowered. It’ll make you feel more motivated to even work harder for what you already have. In order to keep the things we have, we have to work for them.

After all the research I did before and the experiences I wen through, I learned that the one step towards happiness is gratitude!

So these were all my steps I focused on, to help myself to get my hands on things.

Will you follow me along?

Are you feeling empowered yet?

X Steph


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