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How to fix a 20 euro wig

Hi sweethearts

A while ago I got myself my first wig on Amazon. It was a red, straight long hair wig for about 30 euros. After disliking it, I wanted another one. I ordered one on Wish. A blue one that I'm obsessed with, and it was even cheaper. It was 20 euros, with shipping. I customed both of them, because they needed some extra help. The quality is super bad so you need to take good care of them haha! No shame that I don't have the money to buy Kardashian wigs that are 250 euros to 1500 euros...

After styling, I'm beyond obsessed with the blue one. It's actually quite a good one. Comparable with a wig for 90 euros!

The red one is worse... but after styling it, I already tried a couple of hairstyles with it and it was quite okay. I really like the fact that the red wig's hair is suuuper straight and so long. It's really pretty, but harder to use for hairstyles. But: nothing's impossible!

So in todays post, I'll tell you guys how I fixed both of my wigs. Step by step.

Step 1: Wash the wig with shampoo and conditioner. First of all; to get rid of the terrible plastic smell and second of all, to get rid of leftover chemicals. Nasty, yes...

I also use conditioner to get the tangles out of the wig a bit.

Step 2: Use a heatprotectant/detangling spray and detangle the hair. Make sure to use a wide tooth comb. A combing tip: start with untangling the ends of the hair, then work your way upwards to the roots. This will help you to get the tangles out a lot faster! Why? Because when you start at the roots, you'll only make the tangles bigger by literally bringing all the tangles together.

Step 3: Custom cut your wig. This wig had bangs from itself that I disliked. The ends of the hairs were also super uneven. I cutted the ends straight and adjusted the bangs. Sadly enough, these bangs won't grow out so when I take pics of the wig, I clip the bangs out of the way.

Pro tip: don't cut off too much hair and cut the hair gently. A wig's hair will not grow back haha!

After cutting, you can towel dry the wig and then let the wig airdry. If the wig is heat-safe, you can dry it with a blowdryer...

Step 4: Fix the roots by covering them up. This wig had super visible roots. You can literally see the hair going through the wig cap. I used a waterproof liquid eyeliner to fix this. I used a red one on my red wig and a black one on my blue wig. The blue wig has this black to blue ombre look, so it has black roots....

You can also use eyeshadow if you don't have the exact color of your wig.

Step 5: the final step is to use dryshampoo. You can use this to get more grip on the hair. Often, wigs are super soft but hard to braid. The braids will fall apart easily because of the synthetic hair. When the hair is super "slippery", dryshampoo can help you.

It's also super great to cover up the fake shine of the wig.

Et voila, the wig is now all ready for styling!

All my hairproducts are from Aveda, cruelty free and vegan... but you can use the products have at home!

X Steph


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