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How to get rid of dandruff the natural way

Hi guys

In todays post, I'll share with you how to get rid of dandruff- the natural and cruelty free way- no "Head and shoulders" required. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp!

Did you know also that this shampoo is actually super bad for your hair? It will get rid of the dandruff, but it will also dry out your hair like crazy and if you have colored hair- it will get you to loose the coloring. So after a while, you'll end up having bad hair, which we don't want to have!

Now what is dandruff and what causes it?

Dandruff is a skin condition that affects the scalp. Your hair roots will seem dry or will even be itchy. The main symptom is called "flaking". Sometimes, it can get so bad that your scalp is even inflamed. Dandruff is a condition that is not fun and might seem gross for some people. Please, don't go shaming other people with dandruff. If you want, you can help them with my tips!

As said before, the most known shampoo against dandruff is Head and Shoulders. I don't want to publicly shame this brand, but it's just not a good shampoo... There are other ways to get rid of dandruff and I'll show you how, without animal testing and without ending up with dry hair.

Also a small tip, if you made a terrible hairdye mistake and you don't want to keep that color, then you can use Head and Shoulders. The shampoo is so strong that it takes away all the color...

first of all, it's important to have the right haircare. Always go for natural, decent shampoos and conditioners. Wear a leave in conditioner daily and try to do a hair- and scalpmask weekly. These hairmasks can focus on your scalp more, from time to time. If you still have dandruff, you'll need a specific haircare against it.

I don't have much dandruff myself. I have a good scalp but that's because I treat my hair right. Sometimes, I can get a dry or itchy scalp but that only happens when I get a sunburn on my head. My scalp is nourished, but not oily. I try to not get sunburns but sometimes, with my skin, it's inevitable.

Pro tip agains scalp- sunburns: wear a hat! If you don't want to wear a hat all the time, buy a sunscreen for your hair, and yes, these do exist and actually work!

I also only wash my hair once a week. For me, this works great because it gives my hair enough oils to be nourished naturally. If you have more oily hair, you don't need to wash your hair only once a week. You can also wash it every other day. Every day is just a bit too much (with soap). You can always freshen up your hair every day with water and every few days with soap. The natural oils of your scalp, will keep your scalp enough nourished and this will keep your scalp healthy and not itchy.

So here are some natural ways to treat your scalp. You can make hairmasks with these products, you can wear them on a daily basis or you can use them in your shampoo ritual. It's basically up to you how you like to use the products and what your hair needs.

- First of all: TEA TREE. You can use tea tree for a billion of conditions such as an uneven skin, pimples or even nail fungus. It's known for it's bacteria killing qualities. The oil actually also restores cells. So that's why it works for dandruff. It nourishes, cleans and restores the cells of your scalp.

- SHEA BUTTER has many benefits for your hair and skin such as extra moisturizing, anti-inflammatory effects and anti-aging effects. It’s perfect for a dry or even itchy scalp or to help fighting dandruff. It seems to also be perfect for taming frizzy, curly hair & moisturzing it as well. How does it help with frizzy hair? It strenghtens your curls by moisturizing the hair.

- CASTOR OIL works perfect for helping the reduction of hair loss, pre-mature greying of hair and even fights any scalp related problems along with accelerating hair growth. So it's not only great agains drandruff, it will also make your hair fuller.

- ARGAN OIL is known as a super hydrating oil. You can use it perfectly as aftersun, it will help you even with sunburns. Argan oil has a lot of antioxidants and vitamins, which will help you with better, more moisturised hair. You can wear argan oil as a leave in conditioner on a daily basis as well.

- ALOE VERA: also a savior for crazy sunburns. I always have an aloe plant at home. If I got another sunbrun once again (blonde problems), I just open the leaves of the plant and put the lotion that comes out of it on the burned skin spot directly. After a couple of hours, the pain goes away and in a few days, the redness is over. You can do this on your scalp as well. Aloe hydrates like crazy!

- SCALP MASSAGE with a brush or other tool, to get rid of the dead skincells and exfoliate your scalp. After a crazy sunburn on my scalp, I often put a looot of oil in my hair- depends on what oils I have at home. I take a brush and scratch my scalp softly. You'll notice that all the dirty dead skin will come off easily, without hurting yourself too much. You can massage your hair with a brush, a wide tooth comb or just with your fingers. Just be gentle.

Just a smaal reminder: only do this with oil. The oil will make the process more gentle. Don't just scratch your hair, it will be too harsh and you might even cause some small wounds.

- My last tip is to WASH YOUR HAIR MORE. Yes, even though I always talk about washing your hair less. Sometimes it can get your scalp to a point where it's much needed to hydrate some more again. Sometimes, your scalp just needs a gentle cleansing to get rid of dirt. You then can try to wash your hair more for a week or two, to clean your scalp and then you can try to wash your hair less again.

Et voila, these were my personal tips, tried and tested by me ofcourse :)

X Steph


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