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How to look beautiful without makeup

Hi sweethearts, a more talkative blogpost today.

Most of my friends have asked me why I don't wear makeup and I thought it would be a great subject to talk about. Sometimes, I do wear makeup but that's only for like a party or a wedding...and I almost never go to parties, so this also means that I almost never actually wear makeup!

The man reason why I don't wear makeup is that I think that people should accept me this way. I don't want to look different. I want to look like myself. I want to have the confidence to look good, without makeup. First of all a disclaimer, this post is NOT going to be a rant against girls (or boys, right) who do wear makeup because I think that you should always do what you want! But the important thing here is that it can't and shouldn(t make you insecure about it.

This is a photo of me during a shoot. I'm not wearing any makeup here. The picture is more honest without makeup, in my opinion. It's fragile and raw at the same time.

The main reason why I'm writing this post is that I want people to be proud of themselves, proud of their own looks! If you need makeup to feel good or better about yourself, then I think that you'd really need to work on your confidence. I've been working so hard to accept myself and accept my flaws and it helped me so much. For example, I've never liked the freckles on my face. I could definitely use makeup to cover that up so that it wouldn't make me uncomfortable any longer.... but this would only be an excuse to not work on my self esteem, so that I wouldn't need to cover it up. So I accepted the fact that I do have freckles and that I should learn to accept them as a part of myself. If I'd hide them, then I wouldn't feel like "me" anymore. I AM Stephanie, with the freckles.

Selflove is so important. I can't stress it more! It will help you grow and feel fully happy. I can say now, that after all those years of not being happy and being insecure about my looks, that I finally AM happy about who I am.

I also want to talk about inner self. I really do believe in beauty from the inside out. When I wear my hair down (I have pretty blonde and long hair), more guys look at me. This makes me so angry and frustrated. I guess that those guys only look at me for my hair and looks. I don't want people to find me attractive or pretty, because they don't know me. I want them to think of me as a person with a beautiful soul, not beautiful looks. This is also why I find it hard to date. When you meet new people, it's mostly because you've liked something about their looks. I want to get to know people first, so that I can "judge" their personality. If I like the personality (based on what they stand for and how they act to others), then maybe I'd want to get to know them better...

And to finish, I really do believe that makeup can be a great tool for girls and boys to make them look cooler and to give them confidence... but I also want them to accept themselves for who they really are. With makeup, you can get really creative and if you use makeup to express yourself, then I think that you should go for it!

Can you guys follow my opinion a bit? Oh and another thing, I think that makeup just doesn't interest me that much because I'm not girly enough...and I hate getting up earlier than I should haha!

Thank you so much for reading this! I really hope that you guys are happy with yourselves as well!

X Steph


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