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How to make your hairstyle last longer

In todays post,

I'll help all the brides out there to make their hairstyles last forever! On this post, I'll also focus on girls who are having their communions. These kids will probably be playing all day so a super tight hairstyle is much needed.

1) No washing zone.

first of all, do not wash your hair the wedding day itself and also: don't do a hairmask the day before. Why would you do this? Well, with deep colditioning your hair, your hair will be super shiny and silky. We don't want this silkyness because it'll make your hair softer. Softer hair will make your updo fall apart faster. The curls won't stay in long and the bobbypins won't have much grip. If you think this is unhygienic, well, just go for some dryshampoo. Dryshampoo can by the way also help you to get more volume.

2) Bobbypinning.

Use decent grip bobbypins. Strong bobbypins are the secret to every tight hairstyle. If you use matte metal bobbypins, your hairstyle will need less bobbypins in it because these onese are stronger than regular ones.

3) Using products.

Start with using the right prep products and finish with the right finishing products.

It might seem super obvious but it's very important to use the right products for your hair.

To prepare your hair, always go for a heatprotectant spray. You don't want to have less shiny hair because of using hot tools. Often these sprays detangle your hair as well. This is great for hairstyles on kids. Kids are often sensitive when you try to detangle their hair.

Then I like to use volume spray or a thickening spray. After both products, I start styling. Mostly I curl the hair, I let the curls cool off a bit and then I start creating updos. After all of this, I finish it off with some liquid gel or hairspray, depending on what look we're going for.

4) How to let curls cool off?

I curl a strand of hair, then I like to put the curl back up and let it set with a bobbypin or clip. With this technique your hair gets the time to cool off. When cooling off, the hair really gets into the shape of a curl longer.

In this video, Kayley Melissa tells a lot of hairtricks, as well as the curling trick!

5) Restyling during the day!

During the day, do a redo of the style if the style became too messy. Most of the times, it would be nice to just redo a couple of bobbypins that gone wild :). You don't need your hairstylist to do this, just ask it to a wedding guest!

My golden tip here: bring a small bottle of hairspray with you. If some locks are too messy, just pin them back up in place and hold it with hairspray.

Sometimes, when you've been sweating from the sun, it might also help to refreshen your hair with some dryshampoo. So three things you need to bring with you in your purse: dryshampoo, extra bobbypins and hairspray.

6) Half updos or loose hair.

If you go for loose curled hair or a half updo with curls, make sure to not comb your hair throughout the day and if you do, use a wide tooth comb. You will undo the curls, if you comb them too strong. With a with tooth comb, you'll get the tangles out but not the curls. That's what you want, right?

7) Waterfall braids/ cheat trick!

I have a cheat trick for loose braids such as waterfall braids. These braids don't last very long during the day, especially on kids. My tip is to use bobbypins in them to secure the braids. Just slide the pins through the braids. You won't see them, but they're making the braids stronger!

8) Messy updo's.

Let's talk about the messy updo's for weddings! I prefer these messy styles on brides, over such styles for kids. Kids will need much tighter hairstyles because they'll play during the day and these styles probably won't hold it.

The style I show you guys here, is a great style for kids and adults. The braid makes it tight and neat and keeps your hair out of your face. The chignon will get all your hair up tight and will hold for a long time. If the hair of the chignon is getting too messy, you can easily redo the chignon, without losing the braid.

Et voila, these were the most common used tips of mine. Were these helpful?

X Steph


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