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Influencer time management

Hi sweethearts

since some of you think that I'm online 24/7 and that I don't have a "regular" job, I 'd like to talk to you about how I manage my time as an influencer (hence this terrible ugly word), combined with working fulltime and having a lot of hobbies!

There are a lot of influencers out there who are still in school, so who are super flexible with working hours. For me, that's not the case since my job is super important to me and I just can't skip working days.

There are also infulencers who are full time influencers. To me, I dont get paid enough to be able to fully live with my parttime salary. Plus, I daytime job is my passion, something it'd never want to give up. It just give my life more meaning.


So in this post, I'll explain how I like to manage my time and I give you guys some tips too.

First of all: I am online a lot, but not all the time and not while I'm working for my daytime job. I do have my phone with me all the time but that's for jobrelated emergencies.

So about my daytime job: I work in special needs care. I work in schools and support teachers and kids with special needs. This means that I work with schoolhours, which is a winner for me since I can't work with changing shifts or late at night. I go from school to school to help where I can. I make my own personal schedule. This is helpful for when I have events. Most events are on thursdays, so I try not to work after 3 p.m. on thursdays. For the rest of the days I try to have a schedule that's the same every week. But this can change, due to emergencies, extra consultations/ deliberations,...

Working in education also means that I do have a lot of vacation. I try to finish my schoolwork before vacations, so that my vacations are fully to relax and recover from working. I am always very tired because I need tons of sleep and I have very low energy during the day. I'm also super lazy haha...

So when I'm traveling, I like to have all my photo's already ready so that I don't need to do all the editing during traveling. I like to post my travel shots afterwards.

So how posting on the 'gram works for me. I always have some shots ready to post so that I don't have to stress about not having enough content. I often do a couple of hairstyles on a lazy sunday, so that I have content for the rest of the week. This is also while traveling.

My blogposts are less important to me. Not that I don't like blogging, but I don't need to have a post every single week. It's okay for me to sometimes not post in a while. I try to write my posts whenever I can. Sometimes I find myself in a creative vibe, so that I have a lot of ideas to write about... and other times I have not a clue what to blog about.

When I have a lot of ideas, I write the titles down and for each post, I write a couple of words/ sentences that I want to use in the blog. It's like a "wordspider" (if that's even a word), where you write some rndom words around one subject.

Then about planning the styling sessions for brides, shoots, collabs...

I have a lot of time during the week and especially in the weekends. A lot of hairdressers don't like to wake up early in the weekends, to style a bride. For me, this is not a problem, with my flexible work hours. So I can pretty much always style hair while not working. After school, in the weekends, early before school,... I've done it all haha!

So if you want to book me; I accept clients 24/7 and I'm pretty much always available (except not while traveling).

Now, how do you guys like to spend your time and combine everything?

X Steph


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