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K & T's wedding!

Hi sweethears!

I've been styling a couple of brides lately and I thought it would be fun to share with you guys my stories about it!

On september 2nd Koen and Tyasna got married and I had the pleasure to style her hair. A couple of months before, Koen (who I know from highschool) asked me if I'd be interested in styling his bride-to-be since he knew that I love styling hair. Ofcourse I felt really flattered that he even noticed this on my facebook and I really wanted to style her hair for her big day. I feel like brides are such great clients because they really appreciate you and what you do. When they love the hairstyle and get to shine all day, my work is done!

First, I always plan a trial, so that we can try out a couple of hairstyles and thet the bride can choose between them. Mostly they have an idea about what they want (and they show me pictures from the internet)... but want to personalise the style. I try out a couple of ideas that we can do wiht this basic idea and then we can choose the best style.

Here are a couple of styles from the trial:

The first style was a crownbraid that she found in a braiding-book. She had pretty thin hair so I pancaked the braid to make it look bigger.

Then we tried some updos with braids that she found on pinterest. The first one with a dutch fishtail and the second one with a dutchbraid. For thin hair, I wouldn't recommend the fishtail since the braid won't look that big and might get fluffy.

Also: My sister did the makeup for the wedding, here you can spot a glimpse of her natural makeup!

On her weddingday, she went for the crownbraid. I used a bit more hairproducts than for the trial, so that I was able to make the braid even bigger. We finished the look off with some hairpearls from Claire's.

Her hair up was a great idea with the neckline of the dress. It was a dress with 2 pieces, a big skirt and a cropped laced top. The lace was so pretty that we just had to have a hairstyle that would draw attention on that. I think that the symmetrie of the crownbraid matches the top perfectly!

Have a happy life together, you two!

And thanks for letting me style the hair!

if you want me to style your hair make sure to contact me via e-mail or social media.

Instagram and facebook:


Lots of love, Steph



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