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Make your own shampoobar event

Hi sweethearts! Back with another blog!

Last week I went to an event/ workshop of Druantia (organised by Two is a crowd-agency).

Druantia is a small shop in Lier, all about (vegan) natural beauty. For the shop it’s important to sell products from brands that are fully transparent. Transparent about what’s inside the products and how it’s made. All the products are cruelty free and natural. Most of them are also vegan. Some of them are made with beeswax but then also only when the know it’s made locally and correctly.

They also focus on the zero waste- policy. They have a lot of products without plastic.

If you want more information, then just go to their website for more.

Druantia has a physical store in Lier and has an online shop too!

So then onto the workshop. We made a natural skin cream, a natural scrub with only using herbs and ofcourse the shampoo bar.

I’ll explain later how you can make one yourself. First I’ll share with you guys my experience about the shampoo bar itself.

The bar was made on Thursday night and it had to stay in the fridge for some more hours. I wanted it to be fully perfect, so I kept it in the fridge until Saturday. I washed my hair on saturday morning.

A little side note: on Friday I had a “glow in the dark” party and I dyed my hair a bit pink. I didn’t wash it out that night, because it was too late. SO the shampoobar really had to do it’s work. My hair was still a bit pink in the morning…

I didn’t test any shampoobars before so I was super excited about testing this one out. Especially since I made it myself. I’m super clumsy and very bad at science, but with a little bit of help, I managed to make quite a good bar myself.

I learned a lot about haircare the past few years and I know that if a shampoo is really foamy, you can be sure that it’s a good one. The more foam, the better (because the soap will then be more able to “eat” up all the oils).

My shampoobar was dark purple but with just a bit of water, it became lighter purple. It was very foamy and I was able to wash my hair just like with regular (liquid) shampoo. After the shampooing I just used my regular conditioner. I really need conditioner because otherwise my hair is super tangly and not nourished enough...

I blowdried my hair after washing it out and my hair was very clean and felt fresh. My hair is naturally pretty straight and after blowdrying it was super super straight. I love my hair straight so that was a winner!

Now it’s thursday, 5 days after the big hairwashing session and my hair is still not greasy. It just works completely the same as regular liquid shampoo.

So this was a short review about the shampoobar itself. I think you want to know more about how to make this bar, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog :)

Now let’s get onto that!


What you need:

A precision weight scale,

A cooking plate, or like a tepanyaki plate if that’s easier for you,

A cooking pot,

A bowl to mix your products in,

A whisk: “garde” in Dutch,

A spatula, to mix the products,

A measuring cup ( Dutch: maatbeker),

A silicon baking mould or “deegvorm” in Dutch.

The ingredients:

25 g SCI, (Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate),

15g roses hydrolate,

5g sheabutter (this will make your hair softer and shinier),

5g rosepowder (… and the hydrolate will make your hair smell better ofcourse and it nourishes your scalp),

5 drops of essential oil of rosemary (this will stimulate your blood circulation),

10 drops op riceproteïne (why rice? Rice is … vegan and very much cleaner than silk protein! It makes your hair stronger and it will make it easier to comb through your hair).

Tutorial: how to make it?

Put the sheabutter it a measuring cup and heaten it up (on the plate or “au bain marie”). The butter will melt and that’s exactly what you need. If the butter is fully liquid, take the pot off the plate.

Mix the SCI and the rose powder in a bowl.

Then add the melted butter and rose hydrolate with the powders that you mixed before. Stirr it all to make sure it’s fully blended.

Add the essential oil and the riceproteine in the mix.

Stirr it all once again to make sure it’s blended.

Take the liquid final product out of the bowl and put it into your making mould.

Let it rest for about 12 hours in the fridge, until it’s dark purple and very strong. It needs to look just like any other soaps!

Et voila, the product is ready to use!

All the ingredients are available in most bio/ natural shops! You might need to look/ ask for it but it’s not that hard. Or: you can order it online maybe if you don’t have such stores near. You can get all the ingredients at Druantia too!

I’m not sure if I’d ever make any of these bad boys ever again, because I’m really toooo messy, but if you are not clumsy as me, it’s actually not that hard!

Would you make it yourself now? Knowing that you can save a lot of animals with it AND our environment!

Thank you so much for this evening, Druantia and Two is a crowd for inviting me!

X Steph


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