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My hairtools

Hi guys

In todays post, I'll tell you more about my hot hair tools that I own, as an influencer and a freelance hairstylist.

Some of them were gifted but most of them I got with my own money.

The first tool is this autocurler from Remington. It's my least fave too and that's why I wanted to start with this one. I don't like it because it's an autocurler. You can't adjust the curls if you messed them up. It gives the same curl over and over again. Each curl will look the same. Most curls will also end up getting tangled into each other, which will give you more like one big curl, instead of small curls.

It's also not easy to use. You need some practice to use this one. My sisters used it before know how to use it and as you can predict, their hair got stuck into the machine. It's not easy to get the hair out of it because you can't open the tool. You can only switch it off so that the heat is turned off... This can obviously damage your hair so much so please be careful with this one and practice first. Always practice first, on the lowest temperature possible.

What I did like was the "keratine protect" part. It's true, with the keratine layer, your hair looks way shinier than before!

It was about 70 euros at the time but I think that you can't get this one anymore. It's probably because people aren't a fan of autocurlers in the first place...

The next tool is my curling iron from Babyliss pro (25 mm). It used to be about 50 euros when I got it but now it's only about 40 euros. That's not expensive at all. The tool does it's job. You hair curls easily and it's handy to use with the clip.

A curling iron has a clip, to secure the curl if needed. You can also make curls without the clip, by just wrapping the hair around the hot plates. A curling wand doesn't have this. You can only make curls by wrapping the hair around the tool.

Curling iron- curls are more tight and neat. With a wand you get more softer curls.

This one is the 25mm iron. For any bridal updo it's the perfect iron.

This one does not have the keratine protection, so your hair is less shiny. You can cover this up by using the right hairproducts.

Here's the curling wand I have. As you can see, it doesn't have a clip to hold curls. If you want more loose ends of the curl, I'd reccomend using a wand instead of an iron. Both of my sisters prefer wand-curls because they look more "natural".

Mine's also from Remington. This one also has the keratin protection, that protects your hair more and gives yoyr hair some extra shine.

It's about 40 euros to purchase.

As you can tell, I used this one the most. I also let it fall down a couple of times, that's why it has so many scratches, whoops! Clumsy me.

With this wand, you get a glove to protect your skin. Always wear this glove! You're holding your hair to a hot tool, it's easy to get burned. And I even burned myself with wearing this glove..

This tool is my fave to use for updo's as well. To finish off pieces in an updo that are like "falling out" of the updo, you can easily make curls with this wand.

My latest purchase was this tiny curling iron from Babyliss Pro (13 mm). I adore this one so much. It was only 30 euros, super cheap and it gives the best curls for my hair. You can not adjust the temperature of this one so be careful with your hair (this is my only tool that has this problem)... but omg for fine, thin hair, this iron rules. Why? It makes super small curls. The smaller the curls, the better the hold and the bigger the volume. If I make curls with a hot tool, the only thing I want is to have big, massive hair. I love switching my hair up from super sleek and thin to extra and big. This one is also great for those Taylor Swift- 2010 updo's!

This is probably of all my tools the one that's going to damage your hair most so be careful with this one. Never hold curls over 10 seconds and always use a heat protectant spray. ALWAYS!

My holy grail, last but not least! This is my Proxelli hairstraightener with hot plates on the side as well. If you want curls to hold longer, make them with a straightener. With this tool you can make super gorgeous big waves, messy beachy waves or super sleek Kim Kardashian hair.

You can create curls in just 15 minutes, for long hair. All my other tools take way longer than this. For updo's with curls, the updo itself takes only about 10 minutes to create. The curling part always takes the most time. I'd say that it would cost me about 30 minutes to fully curl big, long hair.

This tool is about 75 euros. It's perfect for daily use, but not that I'd say that you need to use hot tools every day...

Using heat on your hair, really damages your hair.

Don't use these tools more than once a week, if you don't want to damage your hair too much. And as told before, always use a protectant spray.

And these are all my tools. There are many other tools that I want to have in the future but for now, these ones are enough. I often also make curls without heat, which is more time consuming because these curls have to stay in overnight, but they don't damage your hair so much.

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X Steph


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