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My morning haircare routine

Hi sweethearts,

In today’s post I’ll share with you my secrets about how I fix my hair daily in the morning. I wash my hair once a week only, so I need to take extra care of it on a daily basis.

Each morning, I wake up with the most explosive hairlook. My hair gets tangled a lot during the night because I’m not a calm sleeper. I move a lot, which makes my hair look like there was an explosion in my house… Here, I’ll share with you guys how I save this problem.

I start with using hairoil or some leave in conditioner. It kind of depends on the products I recieved as a blogger, which product that I use most. My fave brands for these lotions are: Aveda (hair remedy), Oolaboo (seaweed serum) and So Noughty (leave in conditioner).

I spray a little bit of lotion in the palms of my hands. Then I rub it all over my hands and I go through my hair with my hands. I use the products only at the ends of my hair. I have long hair so to me this means that I use the product on the last 5 to 10 centimeters of my hair.

Then I take my comb with wide tooth to untangle my hair. The lotion will help me to get rid of the tangles and will give my hair some extra shine. I start with combing my hair at the ends. Then I work my way up. I don’t start with my hair roots for a particular reason. If you comb your hair first at your roots and then you go all the way down, your tangles will get bigger and bigger by going downwards. At the end of your hair, you’ll get a big, massive tangle that you can’t get out easily because you made it even stronger…

Conclusion: use a comb with big fingers and start with combing it out at your hair ends and work your way up.

So I start at my hair ends and I get rid of all the tangles. Then I go all the way up to my roots. When all the tangles are gone and my hair is smooth again, I might take another comb or brush to make my hair extra shiny.

I use a softer brush with hairs instead of plastic fingers. I even prefer a round brush, so that I can style my hairends a bit. I think that on my long hair, it’s pretty to curl my hair with the brush towards my face. If you have shoulder length hair, it’s cute to brush your hair a bit upwards.

After combing and using lotion, my hair is ready to go. Most of the times, I wear my hair tight together. I don’t wear my hair down a lot, since I don’t like the feeling of hair in my face. Also, for my job I need to ride my bike a lot. When wearing my hair down, my hair would get super knotty from the wind.

I also don’t wear my hair down because of hygienic reasons. I work with kids and teens from all ages and social classes, so you can imagine that first of all, I don’t want to get lice and second of all: I don’t want to whip my hair in their faces.


My go to hairstyle is a ponytail or a simple braid. I wear a safety helmet while riding my bike so I can’t wear buns since they don’t go under my helmet.

I also don’t have a lot of time in the mornings. I have about 10 minutes in the bathroom so I need to spend my time wisely. I don’t like waking up early, just to look prettier during the day. My sleep is more important than my look… Plus, I also don’t care about my look ;)

Then onto how to fix your hair when it’s very flat or dirty: use the dryshampoo. I wash it only once a week so I might tell you guys a bit more about that too...

Dryshampoo, its the perfect invention for it. Don’t overdo it, just a short spray it mostly enough. If you use dry shampoo, make sure to use it the correct way and to get the perfect dryshampoo that suits your hair. If you have blonde hair, use one for blonde hair and if you have dark hair, use a dryshampoo for dark hair.

A while ago I saw a friend with darker roots, who used dryshampoo for blonde hair… and you could see all the dryshampoo in her hair. She had like a stripe of white powder in her hair. It looked kinda funny and I wanted to tell her to comb her hair but I was afraid she’d hate me for that so I didn’t tell her. Now I regret it…

So conclusion: if I don't want to wash my hair, I use dryshampoo... and I wear my hair always tight together, so that you also don't really see the greasyness.

Has this been helpful to you?

What's your haircare daily? I'd love to know!

X Steph


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