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My New Years Eve glam!

Hi Sweethearts!

To those of you wondering... my look for the night!

I'm wearing this super stunning dress from Guess. I bought is last summer in Torino, our shopping pitstop in between traveling. I think it was about 60 euros, on sale.

My jewelry are all from Swarovski: a watch, earrings from my ex (oops) and a bracelet.

Shoes: 8 euros from New Look, because I'm not investing in heels because I'm never wearing them. Heels are way to girly for me!

Stay tuned for the hairstyle!

Hair: an updo with two frenchbraids. I teased all my hair and simply rolled it up. Flowers from Claire's.

I can't wait for 2018 because 2017 wasn't like one of my best years haha! Have a wonderful night, year, life!!

X Steph


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