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My summer essentials

Hi sweethearts,

Since I'm a blondie...and adore to travel, I thought it'd be fun to share with you guys my blonde haired-tips and tricks to go through summer!

First of all: my hairproducts. I've always been looking for a cruelty free hairoil, which isn't easy because most hairoils are too oily for me, which gets my hair a bit greasy. My hair is naturally soft enough, so I don't need much softness extra. All my braids would fall apart when my hair would be too soft. The brilliance oil from Yves Rochers makes my hair super shiny and soft! No greasyness at all, which makes braiding a lot easier! To protect my hairends from splitting (because of the sun, sea, swimmingpools,...), I've tried the Bumble and Bumble protecting spray. It protects your hair from the sun and from heatness from heating tools. I've looked it up on PETA's website and YAY No animal testing at Bumble and Bumble!

To protect my scalp, I also sprayed the B&b spray on my roots. Also: if you have thin, light hair like me, you might want to wear a hat during the summer. I wear it so that I don't burn my scalp and so that I don't get headaches from the sun. My hair isn't naturally protecting my head, so I have to help myself out...

Here's my secret tip not to get sunburn on your hairpart (and why I always bring my pointing comb with me). I wear different hairparts each day, so that I don't expose the same places to the sun too much. This means: My hair down- my hair up in a ponytail- my hair in a sidebraid- my hair in 2 braids,...

Then the peroxide: first of all: be REALLY careful with this. It will damage your hair so you can't use it too much and for sure not on your hair ends. I spray it a bit on my hair each 4 days on vacation.. This would mean, on 3 months, not more than like 8 times I'd say. I also use just a teaspoon for all of my hair, not more. This product will make your hair blonder during summer (which I like more). Also: I don't dye my hair. The product wil damage the coloring so I wouldn't reccomend that.

And last but not least: The So-Phi hairsticks. During summer, I like to have my hair up because I don't like sweaty hair in my neck. The harstick was great at the beach. I could wear my hair down, and when it was getting too hot, I was able to pull it all up. The sticks are available ath the webshop and cost around 20 euro's, which isn't much in my opinion since they are so pretty, from good quality and handmade.

A full review with fun hairstyles with the sticks is coming later so stay tuned for that!

What is your hair routine during summer?

Thank you guys so much for reading this post and make sure to check my beachy-hairstyles out on my social media (facebook and instagram: stylinglikesteph).

X Steph


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