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My summer of 2021 trips!

Hi guys,

In this post, I'll show you every trip I took during the past summer.

I'll make a gallery with my fave photos- or as used on instagram: "a photo dump".

I started traveling after a Covid break in Tenerife in may, you can read this adventure here.

Then I worked till the end of the schoolyear. Our schoolyears in Belgium end at the end of june.

So after finishing work, I went to the Pelleponese area near Athens in Greece, you can read this trip here. I took the plane right after my last schoolmeeting haah time management, right?

Then it was already july, in july I worked two weeks extra next to my regular jobs, to finance all the travels. The reality behind all the traveling is that I do spend a lot of money on it so I need to work a lot extra.

To those of you who don't know this: my daytime job is in schools actually, I coach kids with special needs in regular schools (and I helpt their teachers with this as well). I work in (special) education so each schoolvacation, means vacation for me as well. After school, I work privately as a childcoach. In the summer, I didn't have much clients... so I worked a bit extra for some extra cash. I worked for 2 weeks at a camp for sport for toddlers. This is a fun summerjob but it's pretty tiring to work with only 2 people (me and coworker), for 40 kids. After the two weeks of camp, I went traveling again!

I traveled first to Chamonix, in the French alps. Chamonix is known for it's stunning Mont Blanc views. We stayed there for a week. I didn't blog about this trip but I gave a lot of free tips away on my social media. Here's a post with how to visit everything there in one day and save hundreds of euros!

Then we went to Saas Fee for summerskiing (which we could only do for one day due to the weather...). You can read more about summerskiing in a previous blog.

I stayed in Saas Fee at the House called "Alte Post", which was a five star apartment. The house was built in 1800, how cool is that! You can see some footage and images from Saas Fee on my instagram feed.

In Saas Fee, I skied for one day, on sunday. On saturday, when we arrived there, we took some lifts up in the mountains. I told you this before but in Saas Fee, when you book an appartment or hotel, you can recieve the so-called "Saastal card" for each day that you are there. With this card, you can take any lifts possible in the Saas region as well as free busses and you can get a discount for some events or things to do there. This is a great money saver!

So on saturday we went to Hohsaas, with a stunning view over Saas Fee, from Saas Grund.

On sunday we went skiing, yay!

On monday and tuesday we went hiking and after that, we expanded our trip to Italy, near the Lago Maggiore.

After the mountain times, it was time to work again. I helped my sister for 2 weeks at her GP practice, as a secretary since her secretary was traveling. Again, to have some extra cash for traveling.

My two last weeks of summer vacation, I went to Crete. Crete was a STUNNING island and I'd really want to go back one day, to explore even more there. Here's my blog about everything I did there! Crete was my ultimate perfect vacation. A lot of historical places to discover, a lot of sun and some beachtime to cool off from the sun.

On august the 31st work started again for me so the summer of traveling came to an end. Now it's work more, full on! But I've already planned a couple of trips to look forward too. Can you guess the destinations? Check out my socials for hints!

X Steph


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