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My travel bucket list

Hi sweethears,

You all know that traveling is something I just adore to do. In another post I’ll tell you where I’ve all been already. In this post, I’ll share with you what’s still on my bucket list. What I need when I travel: the combo of a great city with a lot of history and if possible: the sea. I love the sea, it just calms me and I love watching the waves pass by. When I travel to places, I’m interested in the culture of a place. Not so much into the people or the food, I’m more interested in the history, like a real nerd!

A small traveltip: I find destinations that I want to visit with Instagram. I love following travelpages to discover more locations. Then with geotagging, I google maps the places, so that I know where the exactly are.

Right before I travel, I look up these geotags, to find out what everyone’s been up to in the area. I found some super fun places that mostly only locals know about, with these geotags. So just search on the area and learn more about your trip!

I’ll share with you guys first some European destinations and then destinations outside of Europe. I just ticked off Milan, Cinque Terre and Lake Como! Yay!

Destinations in Europe.

In Italy: Florence! My top destination in Europe. Florence is well known for the renaissance. I just love history so when I travel I need destinations with a lot of culture and history. I love to visit ancient places and go to museums. I want to educate myself and learn more about our beautiful world. I think that in schools, we don’t learn enough about traveling and history. We learn about random facts, but not enough about the things that do matter.

In Spain: I already visited a little bit of Andalucia and I really loved it. Now I also want to visit Granada. The Alhambra is sooo gorgeous! It’s an ancient castle on a hill, created by Moorish rulers back in the day. I already went to Marrakech and Seville, because I wanted to discover the beautiful Moorish architecture. I just adore the star- patterns on the tiles on the walls, the beautiful curly arches and the green roof tiles. Also close to Granada there are a lot of pretty towns that I'd like to visit too, one of them is Ronda..

The Byzantine and Moorish culture has always inspired me so much during history classes.

Then the next country: Poland. Top destination: Krakow. Why? Because I want to visit the town itself, but mostly because I want to go to Auschwitz. I already visited a couple of concentration camps in Belgium and while I was traveling but Auschwitz would be like thé must visit… I’ ve read a couple of books about the Holocaust before and it really fascinated me. I’m interested in the whole psychology behind it. I want to know how people can believe in the SS and why they do discriminate so many people. What also fascinates me is how the people inside the camps managed to stay alive. They must have had such a strong will to live, which I think is just beautiful.

In Greece: a lot haha! I’ve never been to Greece and I would love to learn more about the history of it. I already know a lot of the ancient Roman Empire and how they used to fight with the Greeks… but I still don’t know enough about the Grecian side of the stories. My must visit: ofcourse, the Acropolis in Athenes. Why? Because It’ so beautiful to see. It’s just amazing that the Parthenon (the building itself) is about 1500 years old. It’s so old, and you can still imagine what it would’ve looked like at that time because it’s not much damaged. I also want to visit a lot of the gorgeous islands in Greece. Islands such as: Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodos,… All because of the same reason: The combo of the beautiful blue ocean, with the ancient architecture. I mean, all those pics on Instagram of people watching the Sunset in Oia, Santorini… it just makes me jealous that I’ve never been there myself before.

In Austria: Vienna. Why? Because I love the Barok architecture and art. I already went to Neuschwanstein, to visit a massive Barok castle, and now I’m curious what an entire city of Barok would look like. It would be a dream to me to go there in the winter, with snow to make it even more magical!

Destinations outside Europe.

VERY High on the list: Egypt. Like, literally, entire Egypt haha. I would love to take a cruise on the Nile, so that I’m able to visit every single highlight close to it. All the architectural highlights are close to the river, for obvious reasons in such a hot, dry country.

What I’d love to see there: ofcourse the super mystical pyramids. Also: the valley of the Kings, I mean, if you love the Egypt history, you must know Toutanch’amon. Then, the temples of Karnak. And last but not least Luxor, with all its musea… Plus, this city also has a couple of beautiful ancient mosques.

Next destination: also very high on the list haha: Angkor Wat and the area around it. The temples are so ancient and beautiful. It’s so cool to know that these places are over 1200 years old and that they are still here, on our planet. I also watched a documentary about Angor Wat, where I learned that there’s still soooo many hectares of landscaping and temples to discover, deep inside the forest. Watching the sunrise there would just be magical. Event though I’m a sunset-seeker!

In India I would like to visit the Taj Mahal and the area of Agra. As told before, the islam culture and architecture has inspired me so much. The Taj mahal is just one of the most beautiful, magical building in this world, I think. And when being there, visiting Agra would be an extra. Agra is this gorgeous red city with the Mausoleum of Akbar. Also a pretty instafamous place. Maybe I should take some yoga classes there and combine it with places like Bali to go to the beach?

Also a cultural historical destination with beautiful beaches: Mexico. Places like Chichen itza and Teotihuacan or Tulum beach seem magical to me, even though I have no idea how to pronounce them, whoops. These places are like a mix of Angkor Wat with Egypt. Just beautiful!

So, after summing up a billion of destinations, I hope that I didn’t bore you guys too much. If any of you has ever been there and has some great budget-friendly tips, always welcome! I hope that one day, I’ll have enough money to visit these places outside Europe. Now, I only went to Morocco, so I don’t have much experience with other cultures and destinations far away from home.

Thanks for reading this blog, and maybe you’ll be inspired with these places too.

FYI all the pics are from Pinterest, obviously not mine because I haven’t been there yet!

X Steph


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