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My updated haircare routine

Hi guys,

A couple months ago I did a hair analysis. The conclusion of it was that I have pretty good hair. My hair is (almost) straight naturally, fine textured and fragile. Though, the quality of my hair is good, it's actually sronger thna ever. I don’t have much splitted ends and my hair is pretty shiny.

With this in mind, I thought it’d be fun to share with you my haircare routine, in order to get good hair like me too!

It all starts with haircuts. It’s the hard truth and I'm really sorry for that. I cut my hair each 6 to 8 weeks. For some of you it might seem that this would mean: a lot of haircuts a year. It’s true… I’m sorry to disappoint you. But there's also good news, this is just for my own hair!

For my sisters hair (with very long, thicker hair), it’s better not to cut it too much. I cut their hair after 3 months or so. Their hair is stronger and thicker than mine, so they don’t need haircuts that often. My hair just tends to fall out or my hair ends fall off faster than theirs. When I braid my hair and I notice that I lose a lot of hair ends, it’s time for another haircut…

I save money with cutting my hair myself, and of course I also fix my family’s hair. I don’t really cut my hair. It’s more like a small trim. I usually cut off a couple of millimetres, to 2 centimetres max on my own hair. It depends on how much the trim is needed and how uneven my hair ends seem. My hair has this weird trend to grow very uneven. My left side is always shorter than the right side…

How I cut my hair? Very easy: I just make my hair wet, comb it out very well and then trim the ends off with a pair of decent scissors.

I started cutting my own hair a couple of years ago, when my hairdresser cut it for the last time. Read: she did cut off about 5 centimetres, not needed, and I cried for a couple of days haha! That was the moment I decided to take care of things myself!


Another thing I want to talk about: my shampoos and conditioners. Finding the right shampoo and conditioner is hard. I’m not going to lie. It’s hard because it depends on the persons hair type and a lot of other things such as: hormones, age, how often you need to wash your hair...

My hair doesn’t get greasy at all anymore so I don’t wash it a lot. I wash it once a week. My sisters do wash it a lot more so their scalp just works differently and it needs another treatment. We had to find a shampoo type to match us all. Also: they have curly hair, I have straight hair…and my mom has even curly and coloured hair.

I’ll start with coloured hair: I’d definitely recommend to use a shampoo for coloured hair. If you use a regular shampoo, you’ll probably lose your hair colour faster. For blondes there’s also purple shampoo or silver shampoo. It depends on the type of blonde you want to go for, in order to choose the right shampoo. Silver shampoo will make your blonde hair less yellow. It will nourish it more and your hairolour will last longer.

So at home my mom needs a shampoo for coloured hair and me and my sisters a shampoo for mixed hair types, for long hair.

I also want my shampoos to be as natural as possible, as you may know already. So no harsh chemicals, parabens, silicones etc. Shampoos with these ingredients will cost a lot less than others, but your hair will get damaged a lot faster so it’s basically not worth it.

A small tip here: check the ingredients! Or just buy from brands that promote natural ingredients. Good brands (who are also cruelty free) are: AVEDA, YVES ROCHER, SO NOUGHTY, KENRA, KEVIN MURPHY, LUSH, RITUALS…

Another tip: NEVER wash your hair without using conditioner. The shampoo will get the dirt and greasiness out, but it will dry your hair out. Wash your hair with shampoo directly onto your scalp. Only put the shampoo on your scalp, not the ends of your hair. Then massage it all in and rinse it out. Your hair ends don’t need shampoo really… so the water mixed with the shampoo, going over your hair ends will be enough.

After shampoo’ing you use the conditioner. You don’t need to put conditioner on your scalp (this will make your hair greasy a lot faster). Just put a little bit on your air ends and that will do.

I also use a weekly hair mask. In order to win time: I have this gross trick! I’m a ballerina, this means: ballet buns on saturdays. So what I do is put the hair mask in in the morning, and then wrap all my hair in a tight bun and then I go off to dance.. Yes, with the mask still in my hair. No one has ever noticed it… After dancing all day, I wash the mask out.

If you’re not as gross as me, you can just wear a hair mask overnight or at home… But wearing masks is really a life saver for your hair. Conditioning is good, but the product just won’t get that deeply into your hair.


Then what I wear in my hair daily, to nourish it and make it look good. Yes guys, you don’t want to

know how knotty my hair is in the morning. I kinda look like this scene from Frozen, where Anna wakes up with her hair looking “all natural”. Each day, I wear some hair oil or hair leave-in mask. It depends on what products I have at home, but I never leave the house without. During the day, my hair just needs some extra protection. Weather it’s protection against the sun, a heat protectant or protection from the dirty pollution outside,... I choose my products very carefully. The best products of course will protect your hair to all of this… I blogged up in a ponytail at night, because to me this makes it even worse. Some people I know, do put their hair previously about which product I use for that..

Now another small tip that helps a lot is to make sure that you comb your hair out before bedtime, every single day. Why? Should I even tell you guys this? Knotty hair is harder to comb out, so this means; more breakage… I usually don’t wear my hair up to have less knots… I guess it depends on how much you move around in your bed at night (and I move a lot!).


After all of this: let’s get onto the heating tools. My number one tip that literally saved my hair: not

blow-drying or straightening it a lot anymore. I used to blow-dry it each time I washed my hair and then straightened it afterward. This means: two tools with heat, after each other. This just isn’t good for your hair. My tip: I don’t wear my hair down a lot, so that I don’t need to straighten it. It’s good to give your hair a break sometimes… I let my hair airdry at night.

Another tip that has to do with this subject is to change your hairstyles. I wear my hair different each day, so that my hair elastics aren’t worn in the same place always. The elastic will put a lot of pressure on your hair and this just isn’t good. Oh and please, never use those hair elastics with metal in anymore, it will totally break your hair…

Now the last subject: the hairsupplements for hairgrowth. You can try this but don't believe the commercials. I don't really have any shortage of vitamins, so I don't really need supplements. I've tried hairsupplements for a very long time, but they didn't really do anything. I have been to the doctor to test my blood, and I didn't have any shortage in anything so supplements just won't really help because they only help for people with actual shortage.

The only supplements that do work are the ones for hairloss. My mom used them and after a couple of weeks I instantly notices a difference. She had a lot less of bald spots..

I guess that these were all the new tips that I tried before. What are your hair secrets?

X Steph


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