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Nadia her wedding!

Hi sweethearts,

On september 9th Nadia got married and I had the opportunity to style her hair for that! Yay!

I got to know her from a "beauty squad" on facebook. This is a group on facebook where girls (and boys, yes ofcourse!) can share stories about beauty. The group is with girls from Belgium and the Netherlands. She asked in the group is someone wanted to style her hair for hed wedding, as well as the hair for her suite (this means 7 girls in total). Challenge accepted.

Nadia wanted an updo and most of her friends and family asked for a half-updo with a simple braid.

For Nadia, I did a trial with a couple of styles, so that she could choose her favorite.

First one: A frenchbraid with a curly updo. I thought that the braid was too small, so we went for another braid...

She disliked the curls hanging out so I pinned them up afterwards.

Same style, different braid: a pancaked dutchbraid, since the braid is bigger and gave a cooler effect!

This was the style that she wore for her wedding, but on the wedding she had a flowerpiece and a veil.

She saw a style from Lilithmoon on youtube and wanted me to try to recreate it. We both liked this zigzag-braided updo, but more for like a communion or something. The style is more "clean" and "cute", so it's better for little girls than a grown up.

(on her weddingday! Yay!)


That morning, I started around 9:30 with the styling. I think we were finished around 12:30? I styled the bride and 6 bridesmaids, so 7 hairstyles in total. I didn't have much time, but it was just enough!

These lovely ladies were her best friends. Below are her sisters and the cutest flowergirl ever!

What do you guys think of the styles? Would you want me to help you out with your special day? Then feel free to contact me! I LOVE giving brides the confidence to shine all day. It makes me feel so grateful. In my life, I get to do everything that I love, and that's really unique.

Keep up with my blog and don't miss my next post (It's a special project that I'm working on with my friend.. shhh!).

X Steph


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