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Oolaboo Seaweed serum review

Hi sweethearts,

I've been trying ou the new serum from Oolaboo for the past few days and I really like it. Therefore I’ll fully review it for you guys.

First, I’ll share what Oolaboo is about and then I’ll share my honest opinion about the product itself.

Oolaboo is a brand founded by two brothers named Richard and Jeroen Wilmink. They are hairdressers with a lot of experience in the cosmetics industry. In 2011 they wanted to start their own business and that’s when Oolaboo was born.

Their vision is to create luxury hair and skin products with natural ingredients. All products are paraben and sulfate free so it's actually good for your hair (as told before, these ingredients are cheap but super disguisting and they can damage your hair so much.

Oolaboo also does not use mineral oils because they believe it’s bad for your health.

They believe that beauty start from within, from the inside out (get the link with the “natural foodies”?). The slogan of Oolaboo says it all: "Linking inner & outer beauty".

The products are all vegan friendly: they don’t use animal products and don’t test on animals. On the website you can read that the brothers are real animal lovers, aww!

The aquam servo project.

Oolaboo believes in the power of our nature and what nature has to give. Apparently there’s 70% water on our planet, but only 1% of that is actually drinkable. So: Oolaboo founded a project to give clean water to the world. With this, they support Stichting Waterpas, an organisation that helps to give the world clean water for all. (

With each product purchased at Oolaboo, they can give 1L of natural, drinkable water to people in need. How beautiful is that!

Reviewing the Oolaboo moisty seaweed serum.

To share with you my honest opinion, I'll start with a shot of my morning hair. Each morning, it seems like I have dreadlocks in my hair or that rats started a nest in my hair. My hair is so tangled and all over the place. It's embarassing.

I learned from the past that my hair needs a hairoil or serum everyday. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to "tame the mane".

I also have thin hair. Thin hair usually breaks faster so that's also something I have to deal with.

If I don't treat my hair right, like every singel day, it'll just start to break off from the ends. You can imagine that this is horrible when you dream of having super long hair...

How to use it? I just used about a fingertip of serum here. I rubbed it through my fingers and then I just went through my hairends with my fingers. As you can see, my hair is untangled, shines more and is sleeker. I just combed the tangles out and putted my hair in a quick ponytail. This process took me about 1 minute!

I did not straighten my hair here! I have naturally sleek hair, but it just has to be tamed a bit...

The smell of the serum is AMAZING! I instantly felt like I was on a beach in Saint Tropez (Ahh, 4 more weeks of work, 4 more weeks!). At the end of the day, the smell is a bit gone, but if you turn your head and whip your hair, the smell just comes right back!

The product itself is neather sticky nor oily. Most of the times, leave-in hairoils can really make your hair greasy when you used it too much. So I went testing it out for you guys. I did use a TON of product in my hair, just to see if my hair would get dirty and oily. This was not the case, I was able to style my hair with just my comb. Okay, my hair didn't feel that good, but it wasn't gross like other products.


For a 200ml bottle, it costs 43 euros. If you just use a little bit each day, you can use this product for over a month. I've been using it (with my 2 sisters and mom) for about 2 weeks now, and I have about half a bottle left.

Conclusion: the product apparently has 24 benefits (search for it on the site) such as: defining curls, defining sleek hair, untangling, moisturizing, heat protecting,... And I actually believe this. This product is really a winner to me! I wouldn't take the effort to try the product out so long and write a whole blog about it, if I wasn't a fan.

Would you guys use this product? I mean, this blonde model really has my dream hair!

Thanks for going through this article. See you in my next!

X Steph


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