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Opening Tutu Chic Concept store

Hi sweethearts! Last friday, it was the opening of the new Tutu Chic store. I'm posting this blog now (late I know), since it's been a crazy few days.

On thursday, I suddenly lost my granddad. On friday (right before I went to the opening), I got my drivers license, YAY thank god! On saturday, it was a brunch for my goddaughter's birthday. On sunday I went to see the Nutcracker ballet and yesterday I went to my grandfather's funeral in France.

So a bit more about the opening of the store. It's a new concept store at the Wijnegem Shoppingcenter, on the first floor. Freya Poppe (who's here with me on the picture) is the owner of the Tutu Chic brand. She designed all the clothes herself. You can describe the brand as: pink, festive, girly and chic. Freya is like the beautiful barbiedoll I never had!

A bit of history.

Tutu Chic is first of all a fashion brand. As you can tell here, Freya isn't afraid of using a lot of glitter. I myself should wear WAY more glitter in my life so thanks Freya for inspiring me. I should dare more. Her clothes are girly and totally colorful. In 2011 She graduated from Fashion School. She instantly started designing for her own brand and that's when she founded Tutu Chic. She is also a business manager (graduated in business management) so she knows a lot about this too. She is legally blonde, but SURELY not stupid!

She also has a line of knitwear, all handmade.

After designing clothes, she started Tutu Dors. Tutu Dors is a part of the brand where she designes bedding. After this great project, she also started an own gin line (tested and approved by my sister since I don't drink).

Tutu Chic: Le Freak c'est Tutu Chic, the amazing Tutu Chic freakshake! OMG all that sugar! But I totally deserved it after finally having my license to drive a car.

The store.

This concept store sells both collections: Tutu Chic and Tutu Dors. For the Dors collection (bedding) you can get pretty beddings starting from only 10 euros. My fave was this one below, yes, I'd totally want to sleep in candy. It might not be good to sleep well, 'cause it would totally distract me, but heey who cares! Candy is life haha!

Tutu Chic, a brand that makes you dream about unicorns, candy and rainbows!

The gin, great for holidays and maybe as a gift-inspo?

For the opening of the store, Freye had a massive big pink chocolate fondue fountain, you could dip donuts in it. I was totally full with the Freakshake so I couldn't try it but I bet it was awesome! We also got a pink drink, to celebrate the opening.

The big project-reveal.

Since the big word is out yet on her social media, it might not be such a massive reveal here on my blog. But still: the brand expanded, Tutu Chic now has a line of chocolates. Omg now it's even more girly haha! This is a collab with Cho'clair chocolates. Freya designed the prints on the chocolates.

You have a dalmatian print, a pink one and candy printed ones. I tried them, they are super yummie. Very soft, how I like my chocolates! Oh and btw, totally not a vegan day, once again. But I'm trying everyday! It's my goal in january or february to go fully vegan, but first i have to go see a dietician, to make sure I'm following a healthy diet.

Et voila, this was my blogpost about the opening of another great store from Tutu Chic. Freya, you inspire me so much to become a girlboss myself. I would love to have my own company in a couple of years. I'm 25 now, still young, but not a teenager anymore so I have to hurry up. I want to have my own business and my own money. I always look up to girls like you wo are pretty and well-dressed, but super smart as well. Thanks for inspiring me.

X Steph


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