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Remington Autocurler review

Hi guys,

Today a review- blogpost. A while ago I recieved the Remington autocurler from the Keratin Protect collection.

It's a curling iron, which automatically curls your hair up. In this post, I'll tell you guys my honest opinion about it.

The Keratin protect collection is a collection of stylingtools especially made for not damaging your hair too much anymore. Using hot tools, can really damage your hair. The tools have an advanced ceramic coating infused with Keratin and almond oil. So basically in non-stylist language this means: the part of the tool that heatens up; has an extra topcoat infused with products that protect your hair.

So I got this tool 2 weeks ago, when I was in Germany. My sisters were excited about this styling tool too, and wanted to test it out. Because I wasn't home, they tried it out themselves. This wasn't the best idea haha, I assume that they didn't read the manual decently because when they tried the curler out, one of my sisters hair got stuck in it.

So always, before you test any tools out: read the manual and especially on heating tools: try it out with the lowest temperature possible.

When I got home, I tried the autocurler out myself. After reading the manual decently ofcourse haha! I didn't have this problem at all. I think that I didn't have this problem, because I took smaller hairstrands. I also combed her hair out with a small comb. If your hair is knotty, I think that this tool will only make more knots, since you can't really control how the curl is going. So just an easy tip: use small strands of hair and comb your hair out!

If you follow my next few steps, nothing can go wrong! So let's try it out.

How to use this?

Step one: Natural hair. Use the tool on natural hair and comb the hair out.

Step 2: Adjust the settings: the curler will litteraly suck up your hair, you just need to touch the "play" button and that's all. Another tip: Twist your hair a bit, so that you don't get tangles inside the machine.

Step 3: Pin the curls up. I twist the curl around my finger and then just use a hairclip or bobbypin. here I use bobbypins, to be able to show you guys a bit better what it looks like. With this technique, you give your hair the chance to cool down, which will mean that the curl will last longer.

And the curly- result. I went for super tight curls here!

If you're not a fan of these tight curls, you can always comb them out for a bit more beachy curls.

A great benefit about the tool: you can get so many kinds of curls: soft curls, tight curls, long curls,.... You just have to adjust the settings.

Messy hair, don't care!

My opinion.

Inside the autocurler is a computer. You can not only adjust your settings manually, but the computer remembers your last settings, which is great because when you want to re-adjust curls from a day before, you can easily find the same settings back.

What I also liked about this tool is that it heatens up from the inside, so you don't burn yourself... or the furniture where you lay the tool on. And after 60 seconds, it turns itself off, which is great for busy girls like me, who always forget like... everything!

The wire of the tool is super long and can turn around, this is great because you don't have to switch your handposition, to turn the tool around.

If you want curls for a couple of days straight, my tip is to pin the curls up again at night, and just go sleeping with them. In my previous shot, this was actually my second day-hair. Crazy right, knowing that I have sleek, straight hair and curls never work out for me! The second day, I even had more curls than day one! YES!

Okay, the shot is a bit awkward since I just woke up and my hair was a bit messy.. But you get the idea, right?

So my conclusion: I'm a fan! BUT make sure to use small strands of hair and only use this tool on sleek, combed out hair, you don't want your hair to get stuck in it. If you're careful like me, then nothing can go wrong and you'll end up having awesome curls, whith shinier hair than before.

Here's the info about the product itself, if you want to read more.

Thanks for reading this post! Stay tuned for some curly-hair shots on my social media!

X Steph


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