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Reviewing TanOrganic selftanner

Hi sweethearts,

Sorry that I have a bit MIA but I was traveling a lot and didn't have the time or energy to blog. But I'm back!!

I'm reviewing the TanOrganic selftanning lotion in this post. Later, I also got their mousse but I want to review just one product at a time.

About TanOrganic.

First a bit info about Tanorganic.

I discovered the brand on the beauty event of Ici Paris XL. In Belgium, this is a dealer of the brand. You can also get their products elsewhere; like on their website or on the airplanes of Ryanair.

Tanorganic is a selftanning-brand, obviously. It's cruelty free and natural. They are certified by: EcoCert, The Ethical Company Organisation, PETA and now also the Leaping Bunny Program. They support organic farmers, growers and the environment. The cool thing is that the packaging is made of glass! This is way better than plastic ofcourse. I learned on their website that the smaller- travel editions look like plastic but actually aren't. They are a bio degradable PLA made from extracts of corn. Can you imagine this?

I think that this is a beautiful effort for our environment! Oh and by the way, the cap of the bottle here in the picture is made of wood, which is better than plastic and it looks so chique!

A quote by the creator that I wanted to add because it's beautifully spoken: “I don’t want my products to be mainstream or just like all the others. Tanorganic is a unique brand because I care about what I apply to my skin and I only want to use the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients in TanOrganic products. I believe this is my responsibility and for this reason I believe TanOrganic will be as a world-beater and a Globally Successful Brand.”Noelle O’Connor, TanOrganic Creator

She just read my mind and I couln't agree with her more. I mean, each small effort that we do, can make a huge difference and I can't stress it more: we don't need to use products tested on animals. Why? There are so many great alternatives! Animaltesting is not needed too, it's proven that you don't ned to test product on animals, but that's another story. More about that on Peta's site.

Reviewing the product.

So now my thoughts about the product. I first read the instructions and then aplied the product on my skin. It's best to first scrub, so that all the dead skin isn't covering up your fresh, tanned skin. After scrubbing, I just randomly apllied the lotion on my legs. I first did this on just on area, to discover the difference. Okay, not my best idea, because I had like a tanned "stain" on my leg for an entire day. Then, I wanted to fix this ofcourse,so I just re-applied the lotion the next day, without showering or extra scrubbing.

Here's what my legs looked like before- and after.

These were my legs in the morning before applying the lotion, and then the next morning (1h after re-applying the lotion). Okay, I have been sitting in the sun too that day so it might have been a natural difference too. But I must say, I would never get tanned this much in just one day, so I think that the product helped me a lot!

The lotion itself is just a regular, clear lotion. I would have expected a brown colored lotion, but this isn't the case. Which is good, because it dosn't look gross! The lotion is also very nourishing. My legs weren't dry at all and felt very soft.

Also a great advantage: I noticed that this product has helped me to get a even faster tan, naturally. Normally, I get a regular tan, but my legs just won't get any more tanned than normally...never. And now, with like using it for 3 times, at the end of my (long) vacation my legs were just ast tanned as the rest of my body! Yes, we have a winner!

About the lotion: the lotion is easy to apply with your bare hands. I didn't use a spunge or glove... If you just wash your hands afterwards, you don't really need it. If you're scared of stains or you want a super even tone, I'd recommend to buy the glove. The lady who told me all about TanOrganic, said that the glove is easy to use and that she washes it in her washingmachine. It's okay, it won't break. When I think about a tanning glove, I think about a dirty glove, all filled with product leftovers and maybe some dead skin, so it's a good thing that you can clean it haha!

Check out my social media for more shots, to find out my full tan ;)

Thanks to TanOrganic for being so kind when you were e-mailing me and thank you guys for reading this post!

Would you use cruelty free beautyproducts? It's SO easy!


X Steph


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