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Reviewing the Batiste dryshampoo

Hi sweethearts,

So last week, I didn't wash my hair for 8 days straight. Normally, I wash it like each 6 days without products but I wanted to push the limits ;).

My trick for this is using dryshampoo, I went from 6 days to 8 days and could probably do more days with it. In this blog, I'll share with you how it works and wich dry shampoo is my fave. This blog is not sponsored by the way!

I'm reviewing for you the Batiste dryshampoo. I have mine from a giveaway on their instagram page from Belgium. You can get yours at Kruidvat (linked here) but also online at some stores like It costs about and you can get a small bottle or a large one. Mine's the 200ml (for 5 euro 60). The small one is 50ml (pocket) for about 2 euros.

Official partners: Stores: Kruidvat- DI Beauty&Care- Carrefour- Cora- Match

I won a challenge on their instagram page and recieved a package from them. I got: the spray, a yogamat, a bag and a towel. Check out their page because they do a lot more giveaways!

Want to know how I go badmintonning? Well, with this bag! It's super handy.

My main sport is still ballet, but once a week I go badmintonning with my dad now. After training, I spray my hair with some dry shampoo, so that I don't need to wash my hair and spare some time late at night. For me, this works out perfectly. My hair is refreshed and not greasy. Plus, is smells really "clean"!

I've tried a couple of dryshampoos before, but I always hated the smell. This one smells like soap, so it's almost like you've actually washed your hair.


And if you want to know how I managed to make my hair this big? I had 2 dutchbraids the day before (I prefer dutchbraids over frenchbraids because they make my hair bigger because of the braiding technique). I just sprayed some dryshampoo in my hair to get rid of the oils. The oils make my hair smoother but for this hairstyle, I don't need smooth hair. I need to have forever lasting waves! I don't want them to go flat. Then I just finish it off with some hairspray and done!

Was this review helpful for you? Would you like to try to wash your hair less now? Washing your hair not much is actually good to give your scalp some rest! But: it's not scientifically proven that you can't wash your hair daily though.


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