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Reviewing the Stylista Collection of L' Oréal

Hi sweethearts!

As promised. my full review of the Stylista collection from L' Oréal Paris. They were so kind to send all the products for free, just to try them out. This blog is not sponsored or whatsoever. I'm just sharing my honest opinion about each product. Also a disclaimer: these products were tested on my own family. Each hairtype is different so if you have a different result, it's probably because of that.

What Products do they have in this collection?

From left to right:

- #sleek: the sleek serum for straight, super sleek hair;

- #beachwaves: the beachwaves mist for beachy hair, like a seasalt spray;

- #curls: the curl tonic to use for more curly hair;

- #blowdry: the blowdry cream to use when you're blowdrying your hair, obviously;

- #bighair: the big hair spray for more voluminous hairstyles;

- #braids: the braid milk to use when you're braiding your hair;

- #pixie: the pixie-cream wax to use on short hair.

I'm using my sister's airdryed, uncombed hair to start with. I've tested all the products on her hair like this, and washed the products out in between testing.

Testing each product one by one.


First I tested the beachwaves hair mist. I sprayed it over each layer of hair and scrunched her hair a bit, to give her natural curls more form.

The result: she got more defined curls and a bit of extra volume. I liked the spray because her hair still did look very natural. More like a "better" version of her natural hair. Her curls were bigger and more visible. You don't need to expect massive curls of super voluminous hair from this spray. The spray will only give your hair a more beachy vibe. It will not change the natural structure of your hair.

You can also braid your hair and then spray the mist. This will get more wavy hair instead of curly hair. I liked the curly version more. It just depends on what you like personally... and what your hair likes ;)

After this style, I made a half updo with a couple of braids. I made literally 3 curls with my flatiron, over her natural curls. So this style took me only 15 minutes to create. Don't you love this boho-chic look?


The sleek hairserum: This is my absolute fave one! In my previous post, you already saw my own hair super sleek because of this product. Oh my: each morning, my hair is super messy from sleeping. I have these weird curls from sleeping on one side of my head.. and the other side is super straight. I used the spray to make my hair straight everywhere...WITHOUT straightening it and it worked out for me! My hair was super straight afterwards and so sleek. My hair looked like Kim Kardashian's wigs. Because yes, DUH that she uses wigs or extensions.

For this post, I combined it with the Blowdry cream. I blowdried her hair first, with a bit of curls. Her hair looked shiny, even after blowdrying it. This means that the cream is pretty nutritious for your hair, which is a good thing. Most of the times, my sister gets this super dry hair from blowdrying it and her hair stops shining. I finished the top of her hair off with the sleek serum, to get even sleeker hair to work with. I created a small half updo to pull her hair back, super sleek.


The bun gel spray. I tried to create a bun before using the spray and then made a bun again WITH the spray. I was wondering if I'd get any difference in the buns. As you can see: in the bun itself, Sofie had less flyaways. I used the same braids... I can't stand flyaways so the bun gel is a must for me. I did like the result from this one. Also, I used this gel once to create a perfectly sleek ballet bun. My bun was actually pretty sleek, but wouldn't survive dancing a couple of hours with it, without using hairspray also.

The after shot is below on the right.


Here I used the curl tonic. It's a product to define your curls. This one is our least fave product. My sister didn't get much more curly hair from this spray. Because you couldn't see any difference, I used it as a base to make curls with my flatiron.

I created a half updo first, with just a few curls underneath.

The second style is an updo. I just pinned these curls up, randomly. Anyone can do this style!

Which style do you love more? Half up, or up?


The big hair spray: a spray that's supposed to give your hair more volume. I used the spray to create this messy chignon. Her chignon was actually bigger than normally. The bad thing about the prduct was that her hair had a lot more tangles afterwards. The other products didn't have this side effect...

I tried it on my own hair too because I have pretty sleek and thin hair, without any volume. On my hair too, I had more volume. Not super much, but enough to notice.


Using the braid milk, because: I'm A BRAIDER SO I HAVE TO haha! I did 2 loose braids with this product. I like the product but I don't love it as much as other products of the collection. The great avantage about it, is that "pancaking" is a lot easier with the product. But if you're a "pro" hm.. like me: the pancaking goes naturally easy. You'll probably don't need this product.


And last but not least: the pixie gel that I used on my dad's hair because no one of my friends has pixie-cut hair... I used it as a hairwax and it worked out pretty great. I'm sorry that I don't have pictures of this. I didn't want to take pictures because the wax is more for real pixie hair, on girls! So message to my friends: if any of you wants to have pixie hair: I'll style it for you haha!

The conclusion.

General conclusion: all the products work differently and all the products work differently on each hairtype. Some of them were super great, others were more...blah. The best thing about all the product was probably the smell. Each product has a different smell and they all smell super good! My ultimate fave is the sleek hairserum because it got the best result for me. Then I liked the beach hairmist, because beach hair is life!

All the products are available in a lot of stores and online. The price is pretty cheap I think, only about 8 euros! Some products work just as perfectly as products for professionals!

Hopefully this was a good and helpful review for you guys. See you in my next post and stay tuned on my social media for all the hairstyles with bigger pictures.

x Steph


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