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Saas Fee travelguide

Hi guys

In todays blogpost, I'll share with you my trip to Saas Fee in Switzerland.

Saas Fee is a carfree town, right in the middle of the highest alps op Switzerland. Around the town, there are 13+ mountains higher than 4000m... Crazy right!

The town is surrounded by glaciers. You can see most of them even from the town itself, which is beautiful.

We went there at the beginning of our summer holiday (end of june- start of july). There was still so much snow left, which was beautiful. I mean, there's litterally glaciers everywhere around!

And if you're not into crazy, long hikes, an interesting fact is that for tourists, all the cablecars in the area are for free. When you pay your tourists taxes, you get a ticket for these cablecars. The only one not in the ticket is the supplement for the MittelAllalin (40 euros).

Here's what we did there! We were only there for a couple of days, which is enough (if you don't want to take the car for trips elsewhere). We only hiked there, but you can also go summerskiing. This is still on my bucket list for sure!

Day 1: exploring the area! We didn't hike much for the first day, since we were pretty tired... but we did enjoy the cablecars a lot. Take a look at these views!

This shot was taken from the Spielboden- Langflüh bahn. Here you can see the town of Saas Fee!

Day 2: Saas Grund- Hohsaas. On the second day, we took the free bus to Saas Grund. The bus takes you straight from the parking lot to the cablecar of Saas Grund, in only about 10 minutes time. There you have a cablecar to Hohsaas, which is 3145m high. You're so close to the glaciers there that you don't need to hike much. We just walked a bit around there...and stared at the glaciers for hours. Then we walked down to the mid station, to the other cablecar. We got to see people climbing up this mountain, and skiing down of it. How cool is that? Skiing where there's no one else, when there's nothing but snow and a couple of 4000+m high mountain tops around you.

Also: some of you guys asked me if I wasn't freesing in my summer outfits there. You must know, I always bring a sweater with me, but after like half an hour, it's already warm enough to take it off. When it's 30 degrees in the Wallis valley, it's about 25 degrees celcius in Saas Fee town...

When the air is dry like in the summer time, the temperature drops about 1 degree Celcius per 100m of rising uphills. When the air is more humid, this is about 0.6 degrees celcius. So knowing that Saas Fee town is at 1800m high, with 25 degrees celcius, at 3100m high, it's 12 degrees.... BUT that's in the shadow. The higher you go, the higher your UV index. You're closer to the sun, so the sunshine is way stronger. This 12 degrees celcius may feel like at least 22!

Day 3: This day was weatherwise, not the best day since there were some thunderstorms announced. I checked all the weather apps possible and found out that the weather would be stable around noon so my mum andI, we decided to take the Spielboden bahn once again. When we arrived there, it was raining... but I did notice some sunshine on the snow, which means that through the clouds, the sun was still able to shine. In the mountains, this means that the weather can clear up a bit (super locally though). We decided to take a hot tea and wait for the sun to arrive, and yes, there she was! Right in between all the thunderstorms, we found some sunshine so we decided not to move, untill the sun would be gone haha!

After tanning, we went downhills, to the area where you can pet "marmots" or groundhogs. They are wild, but they're so used to people feeding them, that they're not afraid of us anymore. Also, they're super fat because of all the foods! Sometimes, when you're lucky, you can even pet them. They"re friendly, cute and actually pretty smart too!

Day 4: Brittania Hutte & glacier trail. On the fourth day, we took the Felskinn bahn and hiked for an entire day on glaciers. The day started with the coolest clouds!

On the Felskinn bahn, you can see all the mountains in the further area, who spots the Jungfrau here?

The hike to the Brittania Hutte is normally a walk up and down around a glacier. This year, there was still so much snow that we could hike on the snow and that we didn't have to go down and up again, which was way shorter. Arriving at the Brittania Hutte about an hour later, we spotted an entire family of capricorns. They live in this area, since we've seen them there every year before. It's still so impressive to see these creatures!

After arriving at the hutte, we took the glacier trail, we hiked on snow almost the entire day. It's so magical to be in a place when there's only snow...and no one to be seen. It's just the snow and you.

At the fifth day, we took the Spielboden bahn again, to take a last glimpse of the glaciers... we hiked downhills and then went back home!

This was my first mountain trip of this season.

After Saas Fee, I went to Crans Montana, also in Switzerland. In my next post, I'll tell you guys what I did there!

More info about Saas Fee:

X Steph


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