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SALE shopping haul

Hi sweethearts!

So, january is over which means that the sales are over too. This kinda sucks! I love saleshopping, why? I LOVE shopping but I have a very small budget because I want to already build my future.I want to enjoy life now, but I also want to have a great future so I try to save money for later.

In this blog, I'll show you guys what I got and where.

I went saleshopping for 2 times on 2 locations. First: Wijnegem Shoppingcenter with my friend and then Maasmechelen Village. The shopping places to be in Belgium, in my opinion.

Wijnegem Shoppingcenter: Hollister

So first about the Shoppingcenter. I went there after lunch with my beautiful friend Saskia. Shopping at Wijnegem to me means: HOLLISTER. I'm sorry, it's ma fave (affordable) brand. Ofcourse I' love to go shopping at Chanel but let's be honest; Who possibly can?

My fave brand (dream) is Chanel. I love reading about her and I'm obsessed with her fashion. I mean, is there anything better than a little black dress? Oh yeah, maybe her boy-bags that I can't and will never pay :D. Plus the bag is made from leather, let's use this as an excuse why I'm not buying one. I'm a proud vegan-girl!

Why I love Hollister: it's decent quality, I love their collections and I can afford it. So I convinced my friend to go shopping there with me and she agreed. We both fell in love with their flannels. I wanted to buy a lovely blouse, but then I found out that it was thee for the price of two.... AND those two were already for like the price of one. So yeah, I just bought 3 almost the same items (for 30 euros!). She bought them too and now we have 2 of the same blouses! That's going to be fun when we go out together.

I also bought another bralette. Lately, I"ve been dumping my old bras and I've replaced them by bralettes. I always hated the feeling of bras. For small cheasted girls like me, bras are killers. They can press on my stomach and it makes me nauseous. Can you spot the bralette above in my awkard "off the shoulder instagram trend"?


Maasmechelen Village

Now on to Maasmechelen Village. Maasmechelen Village is a village created with small houses. Each house is a store. It's super cosy. I love shopping there. Why? It's an outlet shoppingcenter. I admid it, I love outlet.

At Superdy I bought this super cute skirt for only 17,90 €. Great deal, don't you think? Plus, the velvet trend it totally back and I'm digging it.

The big bague I'm wearing is from Swarovski. My ultimate fave brand there. They always have awesome deals! I bought this one for 30 euros so yeah, I treated myself. I want to be able to buy my own jewelry. I don't need a boyfriend and I don't need him to buy me the stuff that I want. I'm independant, sort of..

I always have these items each season that I MUST have. For this season I wanted to have velvet items new sneakers, a Casio watch and a sweater dress. Mission accomplished. I got the shoes from Instagram. And the Casio that I'm wearing here was a gift for my birthday in december.

I bought this sweaterdress from Guess for about 30 euros. I just needed to buy it, I mean look at that price!

My mom bought this bag there and I just stole it for the matchy-shot!

So this was my shopping-log. I've been a pretty good girl don't you think? I did some great deals at my fave stores, for not that much money spent.

You know what, I choose to have a lot of cheaper clothes over having one extremely expensive item. And, I shop a lot. I tried once not to shop for 6 months and I failed bigtime so I just gave up. If clothes make me look pretty and can give me confidence, then why should I skip shopping? Basically, I can't follow the rules from Confessions of a Shopaholic where they say: "My will is strong, my wallet is closed, I do not want to shop". Because then I'm like, hey, I WANT to shop haha!

X Steph


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