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Second blogpost about the Coachella looks

Hi sweethearts again!

For the previous blogpost I had 2 different looks inspired by the LA festival named Coachella. For the whole shoot I choose 4 looks in total, so here are the next looks.

I did the styling and hair for the shoot and also took the pics myself with my Nikon D5100 camera.

Her hair was a crownbraid with some ribbon in it. It's super messy but still looks pretty elegant I think. I choose some purple ribbons, for a more "springy" look.

Carolien did her makeup herself. Doesn't she look like a rock queen?

Outfit info: Necklace: Hollister.

Sweater: Hollister.

Romper: From a market in Vietnam...

Shoes: H&M.


Our final look was a bit more classic. We totally went for a more boho-girly look.

In her hair I made some mixed braids and added some dead roses. In my opinion- because I'm not such a girly-girl- roses are way cooler when they're dead. It's so dramatic and I've always loved a bit of drama, you know.

Doesn't she look like a fairy?

Outfit info: Bralette: Hollister.

Skirt: Superdry.

Shoes: New Look.


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