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Shoot collab

Hi sweethearts,

Saw my photos on my social media about my latest collab yet? I shared 4 pictures on my facebook and instagram. Some of the awesome shots didn't make it "to the gram", so I thought it would be fun to post a blog about it, with some more information and photos.

So here's how this random collab happened: Sofie (stylist) called me kinda in panic during the Christmas break, they were looking for a last- minute place to shoot the next day and couldn't find one anymore because it was a bit late. After a couple of calls and emails, Sofie texted me desparately. We couldn't find a location so I was like, hey, let's just do it at my place, that's fine.

So the next day, we had a shoot at my place, in the living area. We totally rearranged the living room, to have enough light and space haha!

The team then: So first of all, Sofie Marie Gielen, who arranged the shoot and did the styling. She has a facebook page, instagram and a youtube account. Sofie borrowed the clothes for the shoot from Oona PR. An Antwerp based Pressagency.

The MUA was Yusra Lak! She's awesome with makeup for shoots, Jessica had such a glow in the shots. Also a little secret: for shoots, to look good in pictures you really need to stand out-go crazy, otherwise with all the light, it won't be flattering. So Yusra did a great job on the makeup! Thanks girl!The photo's are from Axelle Degrave, she's an Antwerp based photographer, specialist in minimalistic, black and white photos. I LOVE her work! This pink theme was quite a challenge for her, as well as for me but I'm obsessed with the result!

Then, obviously I styled the model's hair. She had elegant soft curs, with buns, a ponytail, a half up bun etc.

And last but not least, the model was Jessica De Block. She founded an online webshop for phonecases. She currently has quite a name, she built like an empire! Go girl! #slay

She's the face of L'Oreal Belgium, I spot her face everywhere!

Axelle's phtography:

Jessica De Block her webshop:

Thanks team for the dreamwork! We shoud do this more! <3

X Steph


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