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Shooting AGAIN

Hi sweethearts!

Last week we did a photshoot again.

It's been quite a bit hectic couple of weeks lately with lots of fun projects for me and I love it. Would love to even do more of them!

It's super tiring for me and sometimes I feel like not wanting to get up and leave the bed but I need it. When I'm too long alone wIth my thoughts, I get depressed easily. So I need to keep myself busy and inspired.

So this was a fun collab with starter photographer Alexander. He lives literally around our corner. We did the shoot in Lier, when there was a Christmas market.

Do you guys like Christmas markets?

Haha, I don't. It's always so crowded and the products they sell there are never interesting, in my opinion. But... people tell me that they do it just for the Christmas vibe... but as you guys know yet, I'm not a fan of that vibe eather, whoops! I think that it's just because I'm an introvert and I don't like to party. I just never feel festive.. But I'm not going to make this a depressing post, so here's a couple of my fave shots!

For the hair I went for some braids and ponytails, inspired by Ariana Grande, but with ALL natural hair and not kgs of extentions :-)

Alexander is a super photographer, it's beautiful how he works with colors and the Bokeh effect. I love it! Bu the way, for those of you who don't speak the photographer's language. Bokeh is a term for shooting when focussing on one point and making the background blurry, like he did in the shots. The background was blurry but yet super colory, which makes the shots very interesting to watch!

My model was my sissy again, who is always so flawless in shots!


X Merry Christmas!!


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