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Shooting at Sofacompany

Hi sweethearts!

Back with some new content!

I did a shoot at Sofacompany last week with my sister. Sofacompany is a store in Antwerp city with the prettiest interior inspo's. I really love their new collection: it's all about velvet!

All their furniture in Scandinavian inspired and so neat and clean. They don't use too much embellishments. Just simple, clean and pretty designs.

If I couldn design my own house, I'd love to renovate an old farm or factory with lots of wooden accents. I'd paint everything in white and use super clean, cosy scandinavian furnitures. To add some pop of color, The velvet chairs are a must for me :).

First look of the shoot: Everything velvet. Being extra is never too much!

Carolien wore over the knee boots with a cute little romper. Everything she was wearing was velvet, so we just had to go for this velvet chair. I ADORE IT. It's my fave piece from the entire store.

Also, check out the paperwall. It looks so chic and expensive! Great for backgrounds of instaperfect selfies haha!

Doesn't she look like a total rockstar?

I made her a spiral braid to accentuate her face and cleavage a bit.


For the shoot, I also took a shot of myself. I made a little stacked braid with a big curl, done with my new curling wand from Remington.


The next look for the shoot was a more edgy hairstyle, combined with a pretty and elegant dress. Perfect for the holidays, right?

How I did the hair? I made a bun and left a piece of hair out of it. Then I bobbypinned that piece in front of her face. To make the look even more extra, I went for glittery bobbypins!

By the way, look at how matchy the flowers in her dress were with this couch. So cute, right?


For the third look, we went for a super festive outfit. She has this cute glitter top from Superdry that I combined with glitter in her hair. I mean, isn't this the perfect look for New Years Eve? Chic, festive, a bit extra and glittery?

I'm really a fan of the last shot here. In this shot, you can spot some super pretty walldecorations from DeJouwe. You can personalise the photo's yourself. I really love the fact that you can do this. It's so much fun to add to your house some fun memories. To make your house really a home.

Our house is full of photo's from our vacations. Bringing back beautiful memories is everything to me. That's why I love social media in combo with photography. You can look back at your photo's, and bring back these memories.

Wouldn't this be a great idea to give your loved one as a present for the holidays?


The last look was a bit less edgy, but more comfy. Her full look is from Subdued. A shot that she totally adores. And yes, another velvet couch! We just love it.

It's also super comfy. The velvet is so soft that you can just lay on it without a blanket. It will always be soft and warm.

At my place, we have leather seats. In the wintertime, the leather can get pretty cold and that's just not so much fun, right?!

For her hair I made a zigzag braid, inspired by a braid that I made years ago, and has been copied a lot! I'm actually pretty proud of that. (Yes, I said it!).

So these were my fave shots of the shoot. Stay tuned for more shots on me and my sister's social media!

Thank you so so so much Global Image, for this fun collab and thank you Sofacompany for the pretty backgrounds for my photo's! I can't wait to move out one day (when I have enough money saved) and start decorating my house! :)

But for now, I love staying home with my sisters and parents!

Have a beautiful sunday and make sure to check out the Sofacompany website!


X Steph


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