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Shooting with Coeur Belgique

Hi sweethearts!

Yesterday I did a shoot with Shannen from Coeur Belgique. She did the styling and her makeup, I shot the pics and did her hair, obviously haha! If you want to see our process, then watch her video on youtube.

I took all my pics with my Nikon D5100 camera, Nikkor Lens 18-55mm.

Let's go!

Style one: a boho chique red and blue look. The headscarfs are THE festival trend of the moment and we both really love it!


Style two: The bikini one. Normally we wanted to go for a shoot next to the pool, cosy in the sun... But that day, the weather gods weren't planning on helping us out. The weather was terrible, cold and rainy non stop! Yikes!

And yes, when we took these shots, it was raining too!


Style 3: a mermaid wet-look. For this style, we wanted to give her a wet look, as a mermaid is wet ahm... Want to know how to achieve this look? Use vaseline on your skin for this cool glow and for the hair: just make your comb wet and comb your hair. I added a bit of volume by teasing her hair also.

So these were our cool pics from the shoot. What do you guys think? Which look was your fave?

Thank you so much for reading this post! Have a great sunday.

X Steph


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