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Shooting with Coeur Belgique and Tinne Oltmans

Hi guys!

I can not wait to share my latest shoot I did with my friends Shannen Van Den Hoek (aka Coeur Belgique) and Tinne Oltmans. As usual, for this shoot I took the pictures and did the hairstyling -obviously- and Shannen did the styling and makeup of the shoot.

We choose 4 themes for this shoot. We've been shooting all day long but the result was awesome. I'm super happy with all the gorgeous looks and pictures. Because we had much time, we were able to do much more intricate looks. This made it all very time consuming, but super interesting. So: let's go to the shots!

Info: I took all the pictures with my Nikon D5100 camera, nikkor 18-55mm lens. F stop 5,0 and ISO 200 to 400.

The first look: Flower power! Model: Shannen.

I read online in a Belgian magazine called Flair that the arm-flowercrown is the ultimate trend of the festival season so we totally wanted to try this trend out.

For the hair: I made 3 braids. One big pancaked braid in the middle and thin frenchbraids ons the sides of her head.

Shannen "glued?" some flowers on her face. Want to know her secret how she did this? Vaseline!


Look 2: the one with the pearls. Model: Tinne.

For this look, Shannen did some major artwork with pearl stickers on Tinne's beautiful face. Shannen bought these at the Action store.

I made 2 frenchbraids on one side, and pulled her hair half up with a bit of a wetlook in the front, to give a more icy effect on the pics. What do you guys think, does Tinne look like a fairy or more like an angel? I can't decide!


Look 3: The urban jungle.

Models: both!

Here, Shannen and Tinne both were the models for the shots. When Shannen came up with this jungle theme, I instantly had to think about that scene from The Devil Wears Prada, where they are shooting the same idea. Sorry, not sorry, but I'm obsessed with that movie!

To be honest, this one is my fave shot of this look. For some reason, both girls looked super sweet and innocent, which is in great contrast of the super heavy looks. We totally went over the top combining the printed clothing with all the plants, but it gave a great contrasting effect.

Fun fact about Shannens dress, she got it at a thrift store for a couple of euros and her mom personalised it for her. Beautiful, right?

About the hair for this look: I gave both girls a dutchbraid in the middle, so that their hairstyles would match a bit. We first wanted to add hair scarfs but it didn't work out.

Tinne had a fluffy ponytail with 3 dutchbraids. Shannen had one dutchbraid and I added some messiness in her hair by teasing it just a bit.


The last look: What happens when mermaids eat glitter for breakfast!

Models: Shannen and Tinne together and separatly.

We did this shoot at my place in my pool. But here's the deal, the weather has been terrible the last couple of days so the water of my pool was freezingly cold. But hey, don't I have the bravest models? In none of the shots, you could tell that they were freezing. Sorry girls, sorry so much!

Shannens hair: I gave her 6 cornrows and added hair glitter from Primark on her roots. It took me about 45 mins in total to style this look I think (braiding, coloring, curling). I curled the remaining hair and made it pink with Primark hairchalk.

Tinnes hair: Shannen bought a seashell crown for Tinnes hair. In the front, it looked really cool, but when I took pics from the top of her hair, it kinda looked like a donut haha!

I gave her a mixture of tons of braids: A ropetwisted braid, regular braids, a snakebraid, a fishtail,... and in the back a fourstranded braid. Tinne also got hairglitters and hairchalk.

For the glitter and hairchalk: Shannen got it from OONA pr, by Primark. The chalk is pretty soft colored but you can see the result better in real life. A great advantage of it: it held the curls super well! The glitter was not sticky at all and did not make their hair look all greasy. Shannen told me that she didn't struggle with washing it all out. So a big yay for the glitters.


Model: Shannen.

Model: Tinne.

So, this was my day of shooting with these 2 lovely girls. Did you like the photos? Make sure to check my social media out for more, at stylinglikesteph on facebook or instagram.

Than you so much for reading this blog!

X Steph


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