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Shooting with Sofie- the pink edition

Hi sweethearts,

Last week I did this fun photoshoot with my instafriend Sofie Marie Gielen. She is a real girly barbie-lookalike and I love her for this. She's everything I'm not, yet we became great friends with much in common. She brings out the little girl in me I guess, haha! No heavy metal music allowed...

Oh and by thr way, her house is covered in glitter now... Another thing I don't have hanging around in my closet: glittery clothes!

I want to share with you guys some extra shots, that I won't be sharing on my socials. I just have too many pretty shots to share but I also don't want to be spamming.

I took, as always, the shots with my Nikon D5100 camera with 18-55mm Nikkor lens.

Sofie was the model and she did her own styling, fashionista-wise.

I did her hair, obviously and took the photos.

Also a bit more about the location. She is from Ham, Limburg, so we took shots around the area. We took shots in her studio, as well as in the town of Ham. We went to the "Albertkanaal" (the canal), where she know this fun location for potoshoots. Sorry Sofie, I spilled your secret!


First look: the one with the very much braids and the velvet pants

More info about the braids: I started with a waterfall braid. With the "waterfall" strands that hang out of the braid, I created a new laced braid. After that I just added a couple of oter braids and voila! That's about it.


Second look: the one with the ruffles and messy updo

More info about the updo: I left a bit of hair out around her face and then created a messy french twist. Then I added a strand of hair from next to the twist and I layed it over the twist, on the other side of her head. I repeated these steps untill I ran out of hair!


Third look: the one with the cute braids and a lot of fluff

More info about the braids. These are cornrows, the technique is called "dutchbraids". You can learn them on youtube! I added a couple of fun hairpins!


Our fourth look: the one with the recycled braids with extra sparkle


Fifth look: the one where she was Rapunsel

More info about the hair: first of all THIS IS A WIG, obviously! I started with a diagonal braid from right to left. On the other side of her haid, I created loops, that I pancaked. Here's a link on youtube, on how to create these fake braids.

After that, I added some fake flowers!


So what do you think of this shoot? Pretty fun right? If you want to have your own shoot, then just contact me!

X Steph


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