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Hi sweethearts!

Today it's all about sidebraids! So I'm posting a couple of braids to wear... on the side of your head ;).

The first style is a half up braid that I braided diagonally. I let the rest of my hair down. Oh and to those of you wondering how I got my hair so straight: I used the Stylista gel from L' Oreal: The Sleek Serum. I'm in love.

Here I'm wearing a simple dutch braid under my hair.

For this style I re-used the first braid and made another braid. I finished them off with a bow. I wanted to give the rocker chick in me a chance again.

Another style with bows, just simple dutchbraided tiebacks.

With this style I went more edgy. I made braids upside down. I pinned a couple of bobypins over the braids. I have no idea how I came up with this weird idea but I kinda like the edgy look. I won't wear this style in real life, but maybe for a photoshoot or something.

The sidebraid with the stars: These funky bobbypins were from Hollister. My mom got them for me last year. I made a dutchbraid and softly pancaked it. I didn't use a hairelastic because I backcombed the hair. With this technique, the braid won't fall apart so you don't need an elastic.

This is probably my fave style. I think that I'd actually like wearing this one. I made a huge lace-dutchbraid with some hairrings from Claire's.

Another edgy look: I wanted to create a more boho look. I got this hairjewelry from Shannen, my friend. I teased my hair for this big look. I just made a small braid as a cute detail.

Did you like these simple and fast braids? Each style takes like max 5 minutes to do so it's great for when you don't have time. Or when you want to look good, but you're just too lazy haha (more like me).

Thanks for reading this blog! Have a great sunday!

X Steph


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