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Skinanalysis at Yves Rocher

Hi sweethearts!

A while ago I went to the Yves Rocher store at the Wijnegem shopping mall. I had my skin analysed, to find out which skintype I have... and which skincare routine I'd need.

Currently at Yves Rocher, they have the "skin days". You can go to a particpating store, to have your skin analysed. They'll tell you your skintype and will show you the required skincare.

I'll share with you guys my experience and my new skincare routine.

They have this machine that takes detailed shots of your skin. You can put it on different areas of your face, to have a better overview. This is helpfull for people with mixed skintypes. Why? You can find out for each area what your skintype is. For example, you can have an oily T-zone, but a regular skintype for the rest of your face.

Conclusion for me: I have a dry to normal skin (close to normal). I would need a hydrating skincare routine, but not too much.

A bit more info about my skin: I already knew that I'd have rather dry skin, but I didn't now that my skin would actually be this close to a normal skintype. I have done an analysis before, and it said "dry". This analysis was with using headshots. They took different photos of my face with different filters. Then, a lady had to analyse and interpret these shots. She probably didn't read it well enough... or just wanted to really sell stuff to me.

So now that I had my skin re-analysed with this machine, I know that my skin is pretty normal, so I don't really need too much hydration. The lady told me that I wouldn't have to do much deep hydrating facemasks. More like maximum once a week.

My skin is mostly dry around or on my nose and the rest of my face is normal. During wintertime, my nose gets red pretty easily. Around my nose is the driest area, I would need a deep hydrating lotion during wintertime, to prevent the area from drying out too much so that it would actually hurt.

In the summertime, I can get sunburned easily, so I need a decent sunscreen to protect my face too. My nose is the first area of my entire body to get sunburned.

Also a small sidenote: I have a very sensitive skin, so I can't use too many different products on my face. I can get allergic reactions fast with using the wrong products. This is also why I almost never wear makeup...

The good thing about the entire collection of Yves Rocher is that it's made for these skintypes. I never had any allergic reactions...

You might remember the article about the Caudalie VINO collection? Well, I gave all the products to my sister, because when I used the lotion, my face felt like it was on fire... And Caudalie is also a brand that uses natural ingredients... But apparently not my brand!


Now I'll talk you through my new skincare routine with the hydra végétal collection.

So as told before, I use the facemask once a week (or less, depends on the weather).

The round blue box is a day and night cream. I'm using it before bedtime now so that I have an entire night for the product to really get into my pores. Before I use this lotion, I wash my face every night wiht the washing gel. After using the gel, my face just feel so clean!

The blue bottle is my fave. It's a very watery, hydrating lotion. I can use it up to several times a day when needed (like, after cycling in the cold). I even keep one in my backback so that I can use it at work.

I really love this collection, it's all super affordable and after using it, I feel refreshed. The prices are from about 5 euros to max 15 euros so actually anyone can buy it.

Have I interested you with this article? Have I friends with dry to normal skintypes? Then maybe this collection is perfect for you guys?

Thanks for reading this blog!

I wish you a very happy weekend!

X Steph


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