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So-phi Hairsticks

Hi sweethearts,

Last summer I recieved the So-Phi hairsticks to try out. In the beginning I was a bit insecure to try them out since I have super thin hair and all my buns don’t last very long. I thought that my hairstyles could fall apart really quick. Once I figured out how to make my buns with the sticks super tight, I started to love them. I wear them for fancy updos at work, to look professional. Or I wear them for ballet. After 3 hours of training, the hairstyle still looked perfect! If you want a tutorial on how to use them, go to their website, they have a tutorial ready for you. Once you get the hang of it, you can get really creative with them!

Here’s a bit more info about them. You can get the wooden ones for 24.95 € and the polycarbonate ones for 19,95€. So about 20 euros each, which I think is not expensive since they are so pretty, handmade and from great quality.

They are 16 cm long, this means that they are long enough to pull long hair all up… and not too long so that you’d look like Dipsy from the teletubbies haha!

You can get them at the online shop at or in some participating stores. The delivery is very fast ( only 24 hours yay!).

If you’ll read their website, you’ll see that it’s all about feminism and elegance. They also work for a good cause called ‘stick together’. Each sold hairstick, means one euro for a charity that stands up for woman. So yeah, the hairsticks are winners to me!

Clickable link:


Ofcourse I did a couple of hairstyles with the sticks! In this collage, you can get a bit of inspo from the styles that I made. During the summer, I also wore them while travelling so make sure to check my instagram out for more!

These were my (braided) updos! Most of them only required a hairelastic and 2 bobbypins. Some of them even required nothing more than the hairstick itself.

Thank you so much for reading this blogpost and make sure to check the So-phi hairsticks out. You won't get disappointed (and BTW, this is my personal honest opinion, no advertising).

Have a great weekend!

X Steph


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