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Styling hair for Yves Rocher

Hi sweethearts!

Just yesterday, I was at an event for Yves Rocher. The event was all about the new collection from Yves Rocher and it's all good for our planet. YESSSS Yves Rocher! Thanks for that.

The event was organised by Oona (Antwerp based PR agency) and they asked me to style hair at the event. I was there with another lovely hairstylist and we had so much fun there! I'll tell you all about the event later in this post.

A small disclaimer: even though I'm totally excited about Yves Rocher, this post isn't sponsored whatsoever. I'm just sharing my thoughts here!

All about Yves

A bit more information about Yves Rocher: Yves Rocher is a French brand in cosmetics, founded in '58. They have all kinds of natural beauty pruducts that I've been using since I was a kid actually. Vintage as it was back in the day, we used to call them and buy their stuff by just a simple phonecall. A couple of days later, the products arrived at our place. Now they still use this selling technique so if you like to order stuff by calling, this method can work out for you. They also have physical stores where you can get their stuff. Here you can also test the products. If you want to order their products online, this is also a possibility.

The passion of the brand is our planet. All their products are made of natural ingrediënts. This for me is a winner. I don't want to use dirty chemicals on my skin or hair. Also: they believe in plants and our planet so they do a lot of hard work on saving our planet. Their keywords are: sustainability, planetsaving and ecodesign.

For styling all the hair: they let me use these 3 products (with actually one of my fave hairproducts ever!).

I used:

- The anti breakage fortifying serum.

- The brilliance instant shine topcoat.

- Maracuja perfumed hairmist.

The shine top coat is my fave hairoil spray ever! I discovered that, ever since testing hairoils out AND cutting my hair every 8 weeks, my hair was finally starting to get a bit thicker. Okay, I also tried out a billion of hairmasks etc. but I discovered that for my hair, just using hairoil on a daily basis had a stronger effect.

I just spray the mist on my hairends on a daily basis. Just one "pouf" is enough. To make my hair stronger, I trim my ends every 8 weeks because I noticed that around that time, my ends started to fall off. The fragiler your hair, the thinner it gets... So, the faster it will stop growing.

All about the event #adoptthegreenattitude

You guys, This was the location where I styled all the ladies. Pretty, right? You can rent this magical place for your event as well! It's called Rotsaert:

Oona organised this event, to help their cliënt (Yves Rocher), launch their newest collection, which is even more about saving our planet and changing our mindset.

The invitees were able to follow workshops about vegan cooking, about how to live eco-friendly etc. All very interesting, but I wasn't able to follow any of them, since I was doing my own thing. Which was toootally fine by me.

At my braiding-booth I did a mixture of updo's, halfupdo's and braids, all finished off with some lovely spring flowers. The girls looked like fairies! I got to go all the way with the hairstyles so I let my creativity flow! I posted a collage of the styles above. Stay tuned for the full shots on my instagram:

When we wanted to leave this magical place, I discovered that the frogs from the lake were literally everywhere. When we were walking, they were just below our feet, so we had to be extra careful. Shannen here, is petting a mini-froggy, SO cute! Also this shot pretty much summed up the entire day: Flowers with braids, bloggers with awesome fashion looks AND forever taking care of the planet =).

Thank you SO extremely much for this great day. I feel so honored to do what I love. Thank you Yves Rocher and Oona! See you next time!

X Steph


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