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Styling photoshoots

Hi sweethearts,

a while ago I had the opportunity to style a photoshoot.

Model: Anouk Lannoo

Photographer: Axelle Degrave

Mua: Charlotte Vanryssegem

The shoot was in Axelle's studio. Anouk was the model, she is a blogger and could use some new content. The makeup artist was teacher Charlotte, who is also a makeup artist. She just started a professional instagram! Make sure to check everyone out because I love alle their work.

I think that instagram is all about inspiring each other and these ladies really do inspire me. The photoshoot was really soft, natura land raw. I really love shoots like these!

Anouk wanted to have fancy hair, but nothing too extravagant that she wouldn’t wear herself. I went for some big curls fort he first couple of shots. Afterwards we went for a bit messier hair, the “night-after-hair”.

Make sure to check out my social media for the rest of the pics. Because, DUH, I also styled the MUA and photographer haha!

Model: blogger Anouk Lannoo

Mua: Charlotte Vanryssegem

Thanks for reading this short blogpost! And thanks to the awesome photographer for these shots!

X Steph


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