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Styling a runway

Hi sweethearts,

Past wednesday it was the official launch of Tiny Dreams and the crowdfunding campaign. To those of you who don't know Tiny Dreams yet, here's what it's all about!

Oh and to those of you who do know Tiny Dreams, just skip the intro!

Tiny Dreams is a kickstarter fashion brand for petite girls. With petite I mean girls who are shorter than 165cm. I myself am 169 cm so that means that I'm not tiny, YES! SO TO ALL MY FRIENDS WHO CALL ME LITTLE, I'M NOT haha! No, kidding, I'm not large either, just not shorter than regular confection sizes, and that's what TD is all about.

Nathalie Deschepper is the founder of the brand and my dear friend. She's a huge girlboss, with a short heigth...

Se works fulltime at the Antwerp Chamber of Commerce as a dayjob. She's currently writing a book about crowdfunding (her passion and speciality) and so, she even found some time to start her own fashion brand (how does she do it?).

She designed all the clothes herself, searched all the right fabrics herself and organised every little aspect of the brand.

The brand is launching with the help of crowdfunding. If you want to find out how to start a brand with this method, I'd recommend you to read her book when it's finished! And for now, she'll be happy to tell you all about crowdfunding, because I'm not such a business-mastermind so she'll explain it way better than me.

Nathalie's passion and drive to start with Tiny Dreams? Basically her passion for fashion, but never being able to fit in all the clothes she's ever dreamt of. Especially long princess skirts. With her short height, she used to need to cut off half of the skirt, so that the skirt wouldn't be too long. Now, with her own clothingline, she doesn't need to cut her clothes any longer. Yay! Smart girl!

My sister is one of the ambassadors of the brand, because she's a tiny girl. With her 1m55 cm, you can call her...little.... BUT she really knows how to compensate it with her big mouth! Oh no, that's just me kidding too (or not?) :)

Now let me tell you more about the lauchparty of Tiny Dreams and the event itself. And what better way than to show you some behind the scene's pictures!

At the event, she showed all the finished items of her collection. I styled all the runway models/ ambassadors! This means: styling 11 2h time. Time management is the key, guess that Nath will tell you this too!

Make sure to check out all our socials for more pictures! I'll share the hairstyles, ofcourse!

My sister Carolien, with the adorable TD tutu skirt!

Some ambassadors, listening to Girlboss Nathalie. Who can spot the ambassadors in the shot? One small hint, ofcourse they're wearing braids...

So are you a petite girl, looking for the perfect fitting clothings? Make sure to check out Tiny Dreams!

Here's some more info:


model: Carolien Morcel

shot: PVH Media

clothes: Tiny Dreams

hair: me :)

Thanks for reading this blog!

X , Steph


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