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Summerskiing in Les 2 Alpes

Hi guys!!

I'm finally back from travelling for 3 weeks. I hate being home but yeah, I still have another vacation to look forward to at the end of the month.

As you guys might have seen on my social media, I went to Les 2 alpes in France 3 weeks ago to go summerskiing. Everyone had always a billion questions ready for me about it, so I thought to make a blogpost for you guys, so that you have a bit more information.

We went there for 5 days and skied for 3 days, the first day me and my sister had the stomach flu so we didn't go skiing.

Summerskiing means: you go skiing while it's summer, obviously haha! But where do you ski then? In Les 2 Alpes, you have a massive glacier. The glacier has over 25km of slopes to ski on. The start of the glacier is at 3200 meters high and you ski up to 3600. They call the glacier: glacier 3600 but here's a fun fact, the end of the glacier is actually at 3560 meters high, so they are lying a bit :).

On the glacier itself, you have a stunning view, you can see all the mountains in the South of France (the PACA region behind Nice), and you can see Switzerland. In my opinion, the best view on the Mont Blanc in the entire region is there, on the glacier.

Here's also a bit more info about the skiing itself. If you're an earlybird, you can take the skilift at 7a.m. and start your day. I don't think that this is a smart idea though, because then all the skiers from the professional and non professional teams take the lift to start their training. You'd probably have to wait in line for at least an hour. Also an important disclaimer: you can't ski everywhere because of them. They rent some slopes to train on. For freestyle skiers this is not the case, you can ski and take jumps everywhere.

We usually take the lift at 8 a.m. and it takes about 30 mins of waiting to actually enter the ski lift. After 20 mins, you're on the glacier. Skiing ends at 12.30 a.m. and 1 p.m. for freestylers.

After skiing, you can take all the skilifts from Les 2 Alpes as well, it's incluided in your pass. So if you want to go hiking, mountainbiking or just chilling in the mountains, you can do that. I think that this is just great!

Then the price: I compared all the prices of the summerski- places nearby. Here you pay about 34 euros a day, for 25 km of slopes. In Saas fee, where you only have like 4 slopes to ski on, you pay about 70 euros, ahm WHAT?! And in fancy Zermatt you have the same amount of slopes as in Les 2 Alpes, but you pay literally the double. Okay I must admit, the snow quality seems a lot better and the view is also incredible there; but you mostly pay just for the fancy town itself.

Another thing to mention about Swizerland is that you still have to pay for the roaming. In France I can use my phone just as in Belgium, without extra cost. In Swizerland, the roaming is extremely expensive. For example, in Belgium I text for free, in Swizerland it's for 70 cents. And then the 4G: 14,60 euros each megabite. Better not opening your internet by accident there!

Here's a little shot of the glacier in the morning! Pretty, right?

So, this was my experience in the snow.

Thank you so for reading my blogpost. See you next time!

X Steph


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