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Summerskiing in Les 2 Alpes

Hi sweethearts,

In today’s blogpost I’ll talk about a highly recommended subject: summerskiing haha! People ask me all the time what it’s really like to go skiing in the summer. I’ll share with you all the details that I learned during the several years that I’ve done it.

My family and I, we go skiing in Les 2 Alpes (at the French Alps). You ski on one of the biggest ski-able glaciers in Europe. In fact, it its the biggest glacier in the entire country of France. There are many slopes to ski on and it’s so much fun to actually go skiing in the summer, not in the winter.

What it's actually like to go skiing in the summer.

So summer skiing in Les 2 Alpes is from 7 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. The skiers from the French national team can go up to the glacier earlier, around 6.15 a.m., ouch! But their training is so deeply tiring, that they end their training around 9.30 a.m. The glacier closes around noon, because of the quality of the snow. The snow is super icy and strong in the morning, but around 10 a.m. it already starts to melt. Around noon, the snow isn’t from a decent quality any longer. To keep the glacier longer in tact, skiing ends around noon daily.

You can ski there in the summer (after Les 2 Alpes closes their slopes after Easter) every day from the 23rd of June to the 1st of September!

On the glacier there are around 16 skilifts. You have 1 chairlift (that I love to take most). Then you have 8 ski tows, one funicular (that goes inside the mountain like a subway) etc. You have 11 slopes to go ski on and a fun park, to practice your freestyle skills. I love to take the red slope (the longest one). Then there are 9 blue slopes and a green one. On the blue slopes are mostly skiiers who are busy with their training… This means that their team has rent the slope for themselves so tourists can’t go skiing on these slopes. This is fine by me, because the snow is too hard there for me and I don’t like that. I love watery, soft snow! Legworkouts for the win... Also: because of the skiiers who are training, half of the glacier starts to get empty around 10 a.m., so then I have the slopes all for myself! Yes!

You start your day in Les 2 alpes (a 1650m high) and you go up to the glacier with the Jandri Express, a gondola that goes directly to the glacier (at 3200m high). It takes about 20 minutes to go all the way up. On the glacier in the early morning it’s about 7 degrees celcius (with good weather). At the end of the morning the temperature goes up to 15 degrees. When you go down to Les 2 Alpes again after sking, the temperature is already around 25 degrees. So with all your ski-gear, it can get pretty hot! My tip: I bring my flipflops with me in a backpack and when there’s a crowd on the glacier to go down, I switch my skishoes to my flipflops and enter the gondola like this (with my skishoes on my back). This is a lot more practical and less hot!

After skiing, there’s a lot of activities to do with your skipass. You can take all the lifts up the mountains of Les 2 Alpes. So if you like to go mountainbiking or hiking, you have a skipass for that. You can go to the public swimmingpool each day. You can go three times on the summer toboggan run. You can rent a tennis course too for one hour. Oh and in the village of Les 2 Alpes is also a small lake with a beach to go swimming or sunbathing. After skiing, I also love to go shopping in the town. I love their sporty brands such as Billabong, Picture, Volcom,...

The skipass per day costs 40,90 euros. If you take a pass for 5 days it’s 185,90 euros. This price isn’t that expensive in my opinion, because you must know: if you go skiing in Belgium: indoor and on artificial snow, it costs about 30 euros for only two hours). So summerskiing is actually cheaper!

Et Voila, this is my experience about summerskiing in Les 2 Alpes. If you're a skifreak like me, you might want to try it out too!

If you need any further information, go to the website or the App of Les 2 Alpes: There you can select "summer" or "winter".

Also: this was not a sponsored post, I just love to share with you my stories, you know. If you liked this post, then you might like my shots from the braids I wore on the snow too, so head over to my social media for that!

Thanks for reading this post!

Have a great summer!

X Steph


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