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Terre De Mars vegan scrub

Hi sweethears!

Another tried-and-tested-blogpost today. Terre De Mars sent me their bodyscrub to try out so in this post I’ll share my experience with it.

​Terre de Mars is a French (Parisian Based)

beautybrand that sells all vegan products! Their cosmetics are all natural, which is great because it’s better for your skin and for our environment. Their packagings are developed with respect for our environment, clever! The products are all labelled as: ECOCERT Greenlife, COSMEBIO, CRUELTY FREE and VEGAN (Peta approved).

Some of you might not know the difference between vegan and cruelty free. Cruelty free means that the products weren’t tested on animals whatsoever. Vegan is more strict, more powerful as it means that the product isn’t only cruelty free, but also it doesn't contain any animal by-products. Soms brands that claim to be all natural, still use animal products because they say that animals are a part of our nature as well. This isn't actually a good argument in my opinion.

Trying it out.

I tried the resurgence coffee scrub. The scrub is made with coffee and bamboo, aloé vera and karite butter. When I opened the package, I instantly smelled the coffee! After opening the package, I made my face a bit wet, so that the scrub would do it’s work. The scrub is a dry scrub, so you need water for it. I scrubbed my face and massaged the scrub deeply into my pores. Then I rinced it with cold water. My face instantly felt refreshed! After this scrub, my face also felt nourished, not dry at all. I think because of the aloe vera and karite butter, my face was also hydrated. I myself have a pretty dry skin, especially now with all the sun and traveling…so I need some extra hydration. And also: my nose got a little bit of sunburn today, so I had to be extra careful with scrubbing. Now, after also scrubbing my nose, my nose doesn’t hurt so I believe that this product actually works and isn’t too agressive.

You can also use this product against cellulite. It's proven that coffeescrubs really work for cellulite. I tried it on my legs as well for a couple of days. I think that I’d need this product for a couple more tries, to find out if it actually works.. Plus, I don’t have before and after pics, because I’m still a bit bodyshamed… But you guys can test it for me too haha!

Here is my face after scrubbing and with no photoshop. Doesn't my face look pretty fresh and clean? Also as you might know yet, I don't usually wear makeup, so here I'm not wearing any makeup either.

If you want to buy this scrub, you can get it on their website. The package I got was the 30g dose for 7,50 euros. I used it for a couple of times. This means that for a 30g dose, you can use the product for a longer time than just once. If you buy a pack of 4 packages of 30g, it costs 28 euros (so you save money, yay).

If you guys have any questions about this product, feel free to contact me. I really loved it!

Thanks for reading this blog and make sure to check out this newfund brand out! YAY VEGAN DISCOVERIES!

Thank you Terre de Mars for sending me this product! Feeling grateful!

X Steph


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