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Tried and tested: Yves rocher tattoos

Hi sweethearts,

A new segment on the blog: tried and tested! I've tested for you guys the Yves Rocher body-and hairstickers and I'm about to tell you guys what I thought of them!

I also had a real flash-tattoo from New look here (the one on my shoulder), to show you guys the difference. The ones from Yves rocher are actually stickers, so they aren't really tattoos. The ones on my arm and in my hair are the stickers.

The good thing about this idea of stickers is that they last longer (because the tattoos can fall apart). The stickers are pretty strong and don't tend to break. They can survive sweat, but not swimming haha, tried and tested!

What's also so great about the stickers: I'm super awkward and clumsy and I fail at applying tattoos on my body with water. They always fall apart and they look terrible. Most of the times, my sisters need to apply the tattoos for me, because I can't do it myself. Now, with the stickers, I was able to do it all by myself, YAY!

Here I wore already a couple of them... and this is what the package looked like. I took this shot BEFORE going to the beach. Curious about what my hair looked like at the end of an entire day at the beach?

And voila! My hair, at the end of a day at the beach. I showered and swam with it. My hair got a bit wet from showering and the stickers were obviously still there! Super great. The ones on my arm didn't stay. I think that the stickers are a great option for "hairy" bodyparts because the gel can stick to your hair. This will make it last longer.

To take them out wasn't a hard job. It was just like any other sticker, you pull at the end and the entire sticker comes along.

Price: 4euros 95!

By: Yves Rocher

So what's the verdict? I LOVE them, no more failing at applying flashtattoos! I'm a fan!

What do you guys think of flashtattoos?

X Steph


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