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Tulip fields in Belgium

Hi guys

Back with a new blog!

I' ve been longing to find insta worthy spots in Belgium, since we're once again in lockdown... And then I found these tulipfields online. I just needed to go see them myself. I knew that just in The Netherlands, at Hulst, there are some fields as well but we can't cross boarders right now. Keukenhof is also still on my list, the famous area near Amsterdam with millions of tulip fields. The fields in Belgium are not that impressive ofcourse, but it was worth the trip!

I'm sharing with you guys the exact location where I found them. I noticed that some other bloggers didn't want to share the location but I'm not like that. I searched a lot for them yesterday, when we were there so I'm sparing you the quest! There were also other hikers who asked for the fields, but we couldn't answer them, since we didn't find them either!

The location of the field is at Sint-Gillis-Waas, at the polders of Meerdonk. Apparantly each year, the exact location can change! For 2021 the field is at the Lange Nieuwstraat, just around the corner of the Polderstraat. You can drive there by going to the centre of the town, then going to the Polderstraat to leave town and literally one of the first fields there, is the right one!

Coordinates: (51.2624811, 4.1397750)

I'll also link the location here.

The fields are always around the waters of the area called "Saleghem". and the Groenendijkstraat.

We also did a small hike there with our dog Romeo. The hike is next to the dykes there. It's not on the street and protected from the crazy wind. Yesterday when we went there, it was super windy and very cold. Don't let insta fool you, it was 7 degrees celcius so all these girls in their summery outfits, probably changed clothes first haha!

There were 3 fields of flowers next to each other. First, these dark pink/ white tulps, then white tulips and then lighter pink tulips. The white ones were small, they still need some growing to do.

We did the hike first and then took the car to go searching for tulips. I'll talk about the hike below, but let's first share some tulip shots!

So our hike started at the ice cream salon called "De Boey". They also have a small tulip field to go pick your flowers yourself. This is what confused us and other hikers. When we were there, we were like, "ok, so ahm.. is this IT?" ... a small field that didn't look instagrammable at all. That's when we decided to go hiking first so that maybe, while hiking, we'd find the actual fields.

I think that the salon was between number 86 and 93 on the hike. The hike is called "Saleghem wandelroute". I'll link it here.

It normally starts at the Groenendijk, but that street is so long, we couldn't find the ending or beginning of it... so we decided to drive further to the icecream salon, to park the car there. The hike is like an 8- figure, with the centre at the salon, so it's easy to start there as well.

The hike goes through the polders, next to the open fields and then to the waters of the "Saleghem" area. That area is quite lovely, great for a summery picknick!

The hike is not long or hard to do, so you can enjoy it with kids as well.

After hiking, we wen searching for the tulip fields. From the icecream salon, it's about 3.5 km to go to the fields.

The day was lovely, super windy and cold, but lovely!

Hop you can enjoy the area as well and hopefully this post was helpful to find the tulip fields!

X Steph


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