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What I've been up to this summer

Hi guys,

During the summer, I took a break from blogging because I was simply way too busy. In this blog, I'll share with you guys what I've been up to and where I've been traveling to. And yes, to a lot of places haha!

I ended my schoolyear at the end of june...and already traveled right after school. Taking everything out of my life, you know.


I started with Warsaw. I flew on friday (31st of june) until sundaynight. Warsaw is a suuuper cosy and lovely city. It has a river, with some beaches and cute bars to enjoy the sun and the green area. It has a lot of musea and a stunning castle to visit. It also has a lot of gorgeous churches and a car-free shopping street with a lot of old buildings. Here are a couple of my photo's there!

After a weekend in Warsaw, I started at my vacationjob. I teach toddlers to dance on a dancecamp for kids. I do this each year, for some extra money :). I did this for two weeks this past summer.

After working, I started traveling for almost 3 weeks. Not missing home at all.


I first went to Chamonix, in the French Alps to go hiking. Chamonix is gorgeous because it's a small city at the foot of the Mont Blanc. You have 360 glacier views everywhere there. I even went on the Mont Blanc (by cable car, duh haha!).

Here are some of my fave photo's there!

Lake Garda and daytrips

After a week of crazy hikes, with crazy views and crazy steep roads ( crying from being so afraid...), we went on to the Lake Garda in Italy for a more relaxed vacation under the hot, Italian sun. At the lake Garda we went to all the towns near the lake, we went boating and we took daytrips as well. We went for a day to Venice and for a day to Verona. Both stunning cities. Verona was a great discovery, full of art and history, how I like it !

Lake Garda shots below!

Venice highlights:

Verona highlights:

After Italy, we ended ou vacation with a short stay in Switzerland. It's our tradition!

We went there for hiking.

After Switzerland, I was home for two weeks. The weather wasn't that nice so I didn't do much these two weeks. I really hate being home... So here are the shots from Switzerland. When driving back home, we did a pitstop in Bern, a lovely and cosy city to visit!

At the end of august, we went to the Amalfi coast and Napoli. We visited all the towns there, went boatin' to Capri and then we also visited the Vesuvius volcano, Ercolano and Pompeii.

But that's going to be my next blogpost, so stay tuned! Yay!

Thanks for checking in on me, have a nice week!

X Steph


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