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What's in my shower? #vegan

Hi sweethearts,

As you guys know, I want to promote cruelty free beauty and if possible also vegan. So I have this blogpost ready for you with my new vegan products! I'll share with you guys what's in my shower and what I use to clean myself, with taking good care of my hair and skin... and the environment and the animals.

What do I look for in products? If I don't know the policy of the brand yet, I google it. I want to know if they believe in sustainability and if they test on animals. I also want to use products that smell good. Mostly, vegan products who are all naturally, don't smell that good. Whether it's a more dusty smell or a earthy smell, I just don't want a bad smell. I really love the smell of flowers, all girly and stuff! And last but not least, a good price for great quality. I would never pay over 30 euros for skin or haircare products.

The products that are coming first are not so much shower products, but I use them also just in the bathroom. It's all from Rituals.

Why do I love Rituals? Rituals does not test on animals, has re-fillabe packages (yes!! Ask for it in their shops) and it all about selfcare and happiness. This is like everything I promote!

I wash myself with the Rituals ( the Ritual of Happy Buddha, I mean, that name only) shower oil. It's super nourishing for my skin. I myself have a normal to dry skin during summer, so oily shower gel is a must. Then the rest of the products: The oh so soft Buddha belly body cream and the jolly hand balm. If you cycle a lot like me, you'll probably know this feeling: having blisters on your hands from steering... This one is a lifesaver! My mom uses this one too, she is a special needs teacher and teaches gardening. She has to use her hands for her job a lot, as you can figure...

Rituals of Happy Buddha:

- body cream: 17€50.

- shower oil: 8€50.

- kitchen hand balm €10.


Then my actual shower- products!

I wash my hair with the Noughty To The Rescue shapoo and then I use their conditioner afterwards. I love the flowery scent of it! After using it the first time, my hair felt so luscious and big! A winner for my fine hair. Also, I never promote stuff if I don't really love the product. Plus, I don't really want to promote this stuff. I just want to share my experiences... I'm not trying to convince you here!

If I feel like having real greasy hair, or when my scalp feels itchy from too much sun exposure, I love using the Yves Rocher anti pollution shampoo. It's a bit granular, to exfoliate your scalp more. I love it. I even used this product when my sister burned her entire head and scalp! Oh gosh, you don't want to know what her hair looked like.

A small disclaimer about Yves Rocher. Some of you don't believe in the vegan-policy of Yves Rocher. They do are vegan, it's true because they don't test on animals in Europe. And also: they really take good efforts to promote other options as animal testing. But: they sell their products in China too. In China, animal testing is obligatory. I have really no idea why though.. but yeah that's just their government's choice. BUT there's also good news, since Yves Rocher was a pioneer in using other options than animal testing, they are really doing efforts to stop the cruelty there. Okay, every big brand claims this, but I really do believe them since they promote veganism in Europe. Other brands like MAC just simply don't.

Why I love Yves Rocher after all of this? The super cheap prices and their strive for sustainability. As simple as that!

Then the last product I use to wash myself: The Weleda cleansingmousse. A super soft mousse, to clean your face. I don't really have acne and I have a pretty good skin myself, but it's never unnecessary to clean your skin right?

The small glove in the shot here is to exfoliate my skin, by the way ;).

Noughty To the rescue:

- shampoo

-conditioner both 7€99.

Yves Rocher Anti pollution shampoo: 8€95.

Weleda cleansing mousse: 11€49.

So now my question: What products do you guys use in the shower? Are there products that I should really know about? Let me know!

Thanks for reading this blog, happy showering!

X Steph


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