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Where I get fashion inspo

Hi sweethearts,

In todays post I'll share with you guys where I get my fashion inspo from. I'll share my fave influencers and my fave brands. Small disclaimer: most of them are high fashion so totally not affordable for me haha hint hint to those brands?...

First I'll share with you the influencers and then I'll share some top fashion brands. I took all the photos straight from their instagram because sometimes, just one shot isn't enough.

Influencers that inspire me

First up: Aimee Song from SongOfStyle. She started as a small fashionblogger with a small budget but because of the fact that she started her blog early, she was one of the first ever influencers around... Brands started to notice her on ocial media and that was when she started to get free clothes and accessories from major brands, which made her kinda rich! I love her style because she still manages to combine high fashion with cheap brands such as Zara. Her fashion week looks are just awe!

Next one: Wendy Nguyen from Wendy's Lookbook. Her style: girly and a lot of ruffles. She wears a lot of skirts and dresses that are always super cute andadorable. She wears flowy skirts and combines it with tops with ruffles, a combo that I would never try out myself. Why? I would find myself too girly. But seeing it on her, made me realise that wearing feminine clothes, next to my regular basics, just makes me feel more powerful. Her fashion is inspiring for the little girl in me.

Third blogger: Bridget. She is getting pretty major on instagram. Se doesn't have billions of followers (yet) but is a massive inspo to me. Her travel looks are just so pretty. She combines her travel backgrounds with perfectly matched clothes.

And that's it for bloggers. I'm a huge fan of bloggers but I don't really have much women that are like totally me. There's a lot more brands that I really adore. Read along if you would like to know which particular brands!


Brands that inspire me

First and foremost: Chanel. Okay, I'll never actually own anything from Chanel because I'm just not that wealthy. But I really love the Chanel style. Coco (Gabriëlle) Chanel is such an inspirational woman to me. Her vision was simple: make women feminine again, without overdoing the fashion game. She made her clothes boyish and comfy... but on a women's body, the boyish clothes still looked pretty feminine and that was her entire goal. I've read so many articles about her and I have a book about her life, so I did my research here haha! The shot below, pretty much sums up why I'm obsessed with Chanel. Her deux-pieces in black tweed, her elegant white blouses, softly shown underneath the vest's sleeves, the hats, the pearls,...

Especially for work, this look makes me feel professional, powerful, feminine, strong,... but it's a look that's still comfy to wear.

A small explanation about this shot. Did you know why Chanel used so many lions in her buttons? Yes, she loved Venice (like me) and at the Piazza San Marco, there's a big statue of a lion. It reminded her of that beautiful place and was a hint to go travelling...

Pinko: I love Pinko because they always have the prettiest black clothes, combined with a fun touch such as beadings, flowers, lace,.. Everyone knows the typical Pinko bags with the birds on, right? I really like them, but unfortunately they're made from real leather, so I'll never purchase them... Totally not mentioning that I would never buy a purse with a pricetag from over 300 euros haha!

Next up: Balmain

Balmain is also a french Haute Couture brand. Can you tell that I like French Fashion? I'm obsssed with fashion weeks. My fave week is obviously Paris. After Paris comes Milan (for my obsession with Dolce).

I love Olivier Rousteing's work for Balmain. He's like a breath of fresh air to the brand.

His designs are so over the top with glitter and pearls all over the place, that you need a lot of confidence to actually wear his clothes. But, standing out with your fashion to me is just showing the world your real you- showing what you want to stand for.

I'm not a huge fan of glitter, but in his designs I'm really into it! Oh and wearing a lot of pearls, is just a link to Chanel ;).

Last high fashion brand: Zuhair Murad.

I love his red carpet looks. He has dressed almost every celeb that I love. His designs have so much details, that you don't know on which detail to focus first. Beautiful!

He is also able to make women look good in suits (especially the velvet suits, they are just soooo gorgeous). His designs for suits mostly focus on a decent, elegant cleavage, combined with flattering trousers. He is able to make whoever is wearing those pants, to look 10feet taller.

Also, make sure to take a look at his wedding dresses! I'll never get married probably, but then, can I just go to a casual party in one of his gowns? No? Too much?

Now two of my fave (cheaper) brands. Brands that I actually can afford.

Hollister: as you may know already, most of my clothes are from Hollister. They always have something that I like. I'll also share with you guys my Hollister-shopping secret. Before looking at all the clothes, go straight to the back of the store. Hollister always has a clothing rack with sales! I found a lot of Hollister clothes there under 20 euros! Yes, my last purchase there was a 13,99 euro dress! And it's actually the prettiest dress in my closet!

For shots of Hollister pieces that I love, simply go to my social media!

My last brand is Guess. I buy most of my Guess clothes in Maasmechelen Village during sales months or in Italy also during the sales months. In Italy, they have such great sales-deals. In Belgium we only get about 50% off. In Italy, sales go easily up to 70%. Shopping citytrip idea, anyone?

My fave items from Guess are actually the little black dresses. Guess has a lot of black clothes, so this is great for me!

So now that I shared all my fave brands, I also want to share with you my fashion taste a bit. I don't have a particular taste but I do like to mix 2 styles. The rockchick in me, and the ladylike girlboss- Chanel inspired me. I've always been a rockchick but I don't want to express myself that way. So I like to wear ripped jeans and a lot lof black clothes, sometimes even combined with a bandshirt... but to make this all a bit more feminine, I like to combine looks with a good vest or blazer. I'm also obsessed with black dresses as told before. For work, I dress myself a bit more chic, to look more grown up (since I work with kids from 3 to 20 years old...). I wear my blazers and blouses for work, so that people would take me seriously and also ... that teachers who don't know me wouldn't think that I'm a student!

So my question for you guys, which brands do you love? Do you have bloggers who really inspire you? Please, share them with me!

Thanks for reading this blog!

X Steph


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